Brilliant One Man Mirage A-Site Execute From A Single Spot


[Watch] One Man 200 IQ Mirage 'A-Site' Execute From a Single Position

The perfect execute does exist!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO users shows complete Mirage 'A-Site' execute from just a single spot by only one player.
Three smokes and two-three flashes are required for this one man execution to completely fake the opposition.
There are two positions from where this execution can be initiated, on top of the T-Roof and another spot below it.

The droppable utility gameplay feature added to CS:GO that came forth with the arrival of Operation Riptide has been meta defining. Teams have adapted to this change by inculcating new strategies for effective utility usage. The community members also discovered some ridiculous ideas to use this new feature during public matchmaking.

With the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 round the corner, players have started discussing and sharing potential ideas that teams could use with all the utility at their disposal. One such execute on the 'A-Site' of Mirage has gone viral, as all the nades can be thrown to all the crucial spots on the site by a single player from one position itself.

Complete Mirage 'A-Site' utility execute by a single player from one position

The ability to drop nades to your teammates has enabled teams to fake more effectively, misguide players to catch them off guard, surprise them with nade stacks, along with many more ingenious strategies.

As a result, a CS:GO player came up with a brilliant utility execute towards the 'A-Site' of Mirage which requires just one player to throw all the nades from a single position, without the need of moving even a single step.

This 200 IQ setup requires the attacking player to hold a position below 'T Roof'. A total of three smoke grenades, along with two or three flash grenades is required by the player taking this position. The player would most likely be a lurker or a support player.

Now, as shown in the clip below the player will lineup three smoke grenades one after the other from the same spot to cover the following positions on the 'A-Site' - Stairs, Jungle, CT-Spawn Entrance.

The smokes have to be sent out in quick succession one after the other, so the player taking this position would have to practice these lineups thoroughly. Otherwise, the defending players might get a hint that this is a fake hit and rotate in time to stop the hit on 'B-Site'.

There is another iteration of a similar execute towards the 'A-Site' of Mirage from on top of the 'T Roof'. However, this is a bit more time consuming and has a tighter lineup to be followed.

These are just two variants of a precise execute on one site of a map. In a similar fashion teams might have prepared dozens of new tactics using the drop grenade feature across all the maps. This will most surely make for some exciting CS:GO and is enough to crumble the toughest of oppositions.

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