Aggressive Molotov Lineup To Push CT Out Of A-Site On Dust 2


[Watch] New Aggressive Molotov Lineup to Push CT Out of 'A-Site' on Dust 2

Dust 2 never gets old, it just keeps on giving!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO player shares a new aggressive Molotov lineup to push defenders away from the 'A-Site' on Dust 2.
The Molotov lineup is executed from 'A-Long' to hit 'Quad' on 'A-Site', making it a potent post plant lineup worth considering for certain scenarios.

Dust 2 is one of the most iconic maps native to not just Counter-Strike, but well known to all first-person shooter players. It is one of the oldest maps to exist, but still keeps delivering content even after all these years. Despite so many strategies being developed and played out on the map, players keep coming up with new ideas every now and then till this very day. This time around, a CS:GO player, 'u/Cipro_' has come forward to share a brilliant new aggressive Molotov lineup from 'A-Long' to 'A-Site' which helps the attacking side push CT away from the planting zone.

This can also be an excellent lineup for post-plant situations, as players will be able to defend their plant from 'A-Long' without having the need to directly engage in a gunfight. This is because the throw does not require the player to peek, removing all risk of engaging in a gunfight.

Aggressive Molotov lineup from 'A-Long' to 'A-Site' on Dust 2

It is not an easy task to push 'A-Long' on Dust 2. The wide open spaces and the long range fights from multiple angles requires the attacking side to really make each utility count. Multiple spots need to be struck by a Molotov to clear them, smokes need to be thrown to cover the pass from 'CT-Spawn', and flashes need to be thrown before peeking or pushing the defenders away.

The whole process is a bit slow and time consuming, unlike the 'B-Site' rush which is lightning fast irrespective of whether you pass or fail at getting a plant. There are ways to play 'A-Long' more aggressively.

Complementing such a playstyle and team strategy is the new Molotov lineup from 'A-Long' to 'Quad' on the 'A-SIte', which helps in pushing away all the defending CT players close to the planting zone away from the site. Giving away even the slightest of space to the attacking side can be pretty much considered a win as every inch taken away is a small victory.

This same Molotov lineup can also be used in a post plant situation without making any risky plays as it does not require the player to peek. If a player has a Molotov, they can simply plant near 'Quad' and then lineup their throw to burn the plant site when they hear the defuse beep.

Yes, like any other plan, this can be taken care of with a simple smoke as the player holding 'A-Long' will have no vision of the enemy player. So either they would have to spam or just walk away and save their weapon.

However, the primary use of this lineup is for aggressively attacking the 'A-Site' and pushing the defenders away from the planting zone. It is surely a boon for those players or teams that like to peek, take aggressive fights, or amp up the tempo of the game every few rounds.

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