NAF Uses Enemy Player As Shield To Take Double Kill


[Watch] NAF 200IQ Play Using Enemy Player as Shield to Secure Double Kill

Its feels good to be a Naffer!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Liquid are currently on top of 'Group-B' following consecutive wins against BIG and GODSENT.
NAF was the standout player for the side on the back of this witty play against GODSENT in the second pistol round, using his opponent as a shield to get a fantastic double kill.
The CS:GO community was in awe of NAF's brilliant situational awareness and the way he adapted to the situation on the go.

Team Liquid are firing on all cylinders in the third week of the ESL Pro League Season 15, winning both their opening matches and leading the points table at the moment. So far the North American organization has not dropped a single map winning four games in a row to beat BIG and GODSENT.

While the standout players for the side have been Joshua "oSee" Ohm and Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, the player who has caught the attention of the entire community is none other than Keith "NAF" Markovic.

The 24-year-old on the back of his quick-witted play against GODSENT has gone viral across the entire CS:GO community, using the enemy player as a shield against fire from his opponents and securing a double kill.

NAF uses TACO as a shield against fire from enemy team to secure a double kill

GODSENT despite picking Ancient as its map pick failed to deliver a good performance, going down by a '4-16' scoreline against a formidable-looking Team Liquid.

The North American lineup raced to a comfortable '11-4' lead in the first half of the first map showcasing a fabulous CT-sided defence. It was a combination of good communication and great teamplay resulting in Liquid holding off the Brazilian onslaught round after round.

However, the highlight of the match was a simple yet absolutely brilliant spur of the moment play made by NAF in the second pistol round on Ancient. Team Liquid had planted on the 'B-Site' as GODSENT attempted a retake to kick start their comeback in the second half.

Liquid was in a 2v4 situation as GODSENT players swarmed the 'B-Site' ready to defuse the plant. Epitácio "TACO" de Melo was on the defuse with Henrique "HEN1" Teles providing cover for him when NAF swung the corner to take them down.

He took a couple of shots at HEN1 before crouching to take cover behind TACO and using him as a shield who was still holding the defuse. Due to this quick-thinking by NAF, HEN1 could not retaliate properly as he would have damaged TACO in the process.

NAF in a tight 1v2 situation on Ancient against GODSENT

NAF in a tight 1v2 situation on Ancient against GODSENT

On the other hand, NAF kept firing at them taking them both down while oSee took care of the remaining two players, allowing Liquid to win the 2v4 clutch to further extend their lead.

The CS:GO community loved the situational awareness demonstrated by NAF, who quickly adapted to the situation and came up with this brilliant play to turn things around despite facing a 1v2 handicap.

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