EliGE Takes An Absolutely Mental Ace In CS:GO


[Watch] EliGE Goes Viral After Taking an Absolutely Cracked Ace in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Liquid veteran EliGE took an absolutely incredible ace on Dust 2, which has now gone viral across the CS:GO community.
EliGE showcased his fantastic game sense and absolutely stellar aim to hunt down every CT-sided player, covering more than half the map in the process.
Not only did he secure the ace, EliGE also helped his team reach map point while ensuring that none of the teammates went down.

Team Liquid veteran Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski has started 2022 on the right note as he recently went viral within the CS:GO community for taking an absolutely stellar ace on Dust 2. The 24-year-old proved why he is amongst the best Counter-Strike players from North America, by single-handedly taking care of the entire CT-side to reach map point without breaking a sweat.

EliGE ran a marathon in the 26th round of the map, going from T-Spawn to Upper Tunnels, from there to A-Short, then CT-Spawn, and finally ending his circuit by taking the final frags towards Long Corner and Pit. It seemed as if he never let go of that 'W' all the while connecting some crisp headshots to deliver five fantastic frags and an all around incredible clip.

EliGE goes viral on the back of an absolutely incredible ace on Dust 2

EliGE just made it into the top twenty CS:GO players of 2021 by HLTV, and he seems ready to turn things around this year alongside Team Liquid, as the North American organization recently underwent a massive overhaul for the 2022 competitive season.. EliGE seems to be in top form as seen by this viral clip.

Players react to EliGE's ace

In a recent CS:GO match that EliGE was streaming on Twitch, the talented rifler went huge for his side on the 26th round while playing T-sided on Dust 2. He went on a marathon of a rotation going from T-Spawn to A-Short via Lower Tunnels, picking a perfect flash kill on his way.

He went on to pick another frag towards A-Ramp with a bit of assistance from his teammates in the form of a flashbang, immediately dropping down and moving towards CT-Spawn to secure his third kill towards B-Doors.

Without missing a heartbeat, he turned around and walked through a burning Molotov to secure the final two kills at Long Corner and Pit respectively, completing his circuit and with that his absolute masterpiece of an ace as well.

Not only did EliGE showoff his brilliant game sense and an absolutely mindboggling aim, but he literally carried his team in this round as the attacking side did not lose a single member.

If EliGE continues to show this form in a professional setting as well for the better half of the year, Liquid could seriously be doing some serious damage in the upcoming competitive season.

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