CS:GO Player Takes Ace With Insane No Scope Double Kill


[Watch] CS:GO Player Completes 1v5 Ace With Insane No Scope Double Kill

Why run through smoke when you can just shoot?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO player pulls off an incredible 1v5 clutch ace on Inferno.
The ace was secured with a no scope double kill through the smoke.

How often does a CS:GO player get a chance to pull off a 1v5 win for their side? Quite often, but a majority of them end in a loss and the rare ones that do are not forgotten rather quickly.

However, this particular 1v5 ace, taken in a post-plant situation on Inferno, is rather special and exciting as the player defied all odds to pull off a sick clutch that most of us would have replayed at least once.

CS:GO player takes an incredible no scope double kill to complete 1v5 clutch ace on Inferno

Playing a regular match of CS:GO on Inferno, a player was met with a tight 1v5 situation in the 13th round. Luckily, the C4 was still with the player who quickly made his way to the 'A-Site' and got the plant down with more than a minute left on the round clock.

The player went for an orthodox plant and armed with nothing but a Deagle, pulled off a crisp headshot tap towards 'Top Mid'. He upgraded to an AWP and proceeded to get another frag in the same spot, while the remaining CT-sided players made their way into the site through 'Library'.

This is when the player turned on his 'VAC X-Ray Vision' to secure a quick triple through the smoke, consisting of one more frag with the Deagle and a shocking no scope double kill with the AWP, which surprised the player himself.

This was surely a clutch right from the beginning to the end. The stars lined up for the player as he pulled off some incredible shots that he will surely remember for a long time. This could maybe even be a top contender for an all-time gaming highlight.

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