Perfect B-Site Retake Flashbang On Dust 2 That Blinds Everyone


[Watch] Best Flash Lineup for B-Site Retake on Dust 2 That Blinds Everyone

One flash to blind them all.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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This perfect flashbang lineup from 'CT-Mid' to 'B-Site' on Dust 2 blinds all the defenders looking towards 'B-Doors' and 'B-Window'.
The flash lineup is a simple static jump throw that pops rather quickly, giving the defenders very less reaction time to avoid it.
This flash is useful for both new and experienced players.

Dust 2 is one of the oldest and most iconic Counter-Strike maps that is popular even outside of the game. Despite being more than a decade old, there is always something new that is being discovered by players every now and then on the map. The most recent discovery is a perfect flashbang lineup from 'CT Mid' to 'B-Site' which can be very useful for the defending side when executing a retake.

This jump throw is really good because one single flash has the potential to blind players holding all the important positions and angles within the 'B-Site' overlooking the 'B Doors' and 'B Window' entry.

Best 'B-Site' retake flash lineup on Dust 2 from 'CT Mid'

This lineup is great for both beginners and experienced players. It is great for those that are new to the game, as learning just this one lineup will cover almost all the important positions within the 'B-Site', giving them and their team an easy entry.

As for the experienced players, it can be another great lineup that they can add to their foray of utility executes. Changing the tempo of the round, or hitting the attackers with a different lineup every time for which they might not be prepared.

The lineup in itself is not too difficult, the attackers or defenders from 'CT-Mid' can go near the corner of the wall facing 'B Doors' and then lineup their crosshair as shown in the clip below. Once everything is lined up and ready, all that the player needs to do is deliver a static jump throw.

The above jump throw flash covers the following positions within the 'B-Site' if the defending players are looking towards 'B Doors' or 'B Window',

  • B Default Plant

  • B Car

  • Back Platform

  • B Back Site

  • B Platform

  • B Closet

  • B Close

  • B Big Box

  • B Double Stack

It is truly a powerful and useful lineup as one flash blinds all the spots within the 'B-Site' if the defending players are looking in its direction. Additionally, the flash pops rather quickly without giving much reaction times to the players, serving as another added advantage.

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