[Watch] CS:GO Pro Qikert Shows Fastest Way to Smoke ‘B Door’ on Dust 2

[Watch] CS:GO Pro Qikert Shows Fastest Way to Smoke ‘B Door’ on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Virtus.pro rifler Qikert shows the fastest possible way so far to smoke 'B Doors' on Dust 2.
  • He used this particular smoke against Team Liquid in the semifinals of IEM Katowice 2021.
  • There are a lot of possibilities with this quick 'B Doors' smoke which is great for both team executes and solo clutch situations.

Virtus.pro rifler Alexey "qikert" Golubev has a few interesting tricks up his sleeve, as he recently executed the fastest possible smoke so far towards ‘B Door’ on Dust 2. This smoke was used by him while VP was going up against Team Liquid in the semifinals of IEM Katowice 2021. There are quite a few possibilities with this one smoke and it can be used differently when executing with the entire team, or during a clutch situation. Just hope that you are not playing against an AWPer who likes to be nosy towards the mid area, as things can go down south quite fast if that is the case.

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The fastest way to smoke ‘B Door’ on Dust 2

Professional CS:GO teams play a lot of scrim matches, and spend most of their time coming up with counter-strategies when going up against a specific opponent. So more often than not, they are the ones who find such amazing utility lineups and other interesting things. These are usually used in clutch situations or when the team wants to break the opposition’s momentum.

Here, Qikert uses the fast ‘B Door’ smoke on Dust 2 against Team Liquid to suddenly change the pace. They effectively caught the North American team by surprise who could not make it into the ‘B-Site’ in time and got overwhelmed by the classic CIS ‘B-Rush’.

From the clip above one can see that VP went for the quick ‘B Door’ smoke play when they all had favourable spawns, aiding them to reach the ‘B-Site’ quickly. Qikert charged down ‘Mid’ uncontested as Liquid themselves had smoked it off, using the new utility lineup to smoke off ‘B Door’.

While this was going on, the rest of the VP side rushed through ‘Upper Tunnels’ to gain entry into the ‘B-Site’. VP entered uncontested as only one player from Team Liquid was present there, and even he had to back up as his teammates could not cover provide enough cover fire with the ‘B Doors’ being completely blocked out.

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VP was easily able to claim the round further widening their lead to a ‘9-5’ scoreline. This smoke is new and very effective when you want to show presence towards ‘Mid’, while also acting as a decoy for your team’s successful ‘B Rush’. But mind that it cannot be used repeatedly. It can even act as a great decoy in a clutch situation as you successfully mislead the opposition. 

[Watch] CS:GO Pro Qikert Shows Fastest Way to Smoke ‘B Door’ on Dust 2

The possibilities are endless as long as you can fit this smoke in your pre-existing set pieces or shift a few things around to accommodate it perfectly. Even after so many years, CS:GO maps keep surprising us as new things keep getting discovered, each better than the other.

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