Vitality Shox Explains How Fishing Helps Him Win Clutches In CS:GO


Vitality Shox Reportedly Explains How a Passion for Fishing Helps Him Win Clutches in CS:GO

Shox loves to fish and it seems to make him better in clutch situations.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Shox, during a recent ESL Pro League press conference, reportedly spoke about how his passion for fishing helps him become better at winning clutches in CS:GO.
He explained that one of the most important attributes of winning a clutch is patience, something that fishing teaches you in abundance.
Shox along with Vitality has managed to reach the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 14.

Team Vitality are doing well in the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 14, securing a slot for themselves in the quarter-finals against Gambit Esports. While it is Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut who is carrying the team, the French lineup definitely owes it to Richard "shox" Papillon when it comes to winning crucial clutch rounds for the side.

The 29-year-old is absurdly talented when it comes to winning a round under pressure. Instead of doubting himself, he comes alive when the odds are stacked against him. At a recent ESL Pro League press conference, shox, while answering a question, reportedly explained how his passion for fishing directly helps him become better at clutching in CS:GO.

How fishing helps shox become better at clutching in CS:GO

In his 15-year long career, shox has faced a 1v1 clutch situation in CS:GO a total of 692 times. He has come out on top in 439 such instances which equates to a success rate of about 63.50%. This speaks volumes about how good the French rifler is when it comes to playing under pressure.

Well, shox attributes this ability to amplify his gameplay whenever he is in a vulnerable situation, to his passion for fishing. This is because it teaches him the most important attribute to attain success in a clutch scenario - patience. As reported by, shox went on to say that,

I don’t study the demos of rivals in order to be good in clutch situations. Here, something else is important. Ever since I first got acquainted with the game as many as 20 years ago, I have always liked the feeling that arises during a clutch: no teammates are there, you are alone against the whole world. It always gave me immense pleasure. Perhaps due to the fact that I like it so much, I also feel comfortable during clutches. But besides that, I want to note that my second passion in life after CS is fishing. During a clutch you have to be very patient, and fishing perfectly trains you to hone this quality."
Richard "shox" Papillon - ESL Press Conference

So far this year, shox has maintained a 50% win rate when it comes to 1v1 clutch situations while additionally winning five 1v2 clutches, three 1v3 clutches, and two 1v4 clutches.

The French lurker might not be showcasing his best game during ESL Pro League Season 14, but he is definitely stepping up for the side in pressure situations to convert as many rounds as possible.

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