[Watch] Neymar’s Insane 1v3 Clutch Against CS:GO Stars ZywOo & Shox

[Watch] Neymar’s Insane 1v3 Clutch Against CS:GO Stars ZywOo & Shox

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Brazilian footballer Neymar participates in a 5v5 CS:GO showmatch.
  • Neymar's team consisted of FURIA's lineup while his opposite team was mostly Vitality's lineup.
  • Team Neymar lost on both the maps, Inferno (16-5) and Mirage (16-7).

One of the best football players in the world Neymar participated in a CS:GO showmatch yesterday, playing alongside multiple CS:GO stars while streaming the whole event live on his Twitch channel ‘neymarjr’.

In the past, we have seen some really good plays coming off Neymar’s trigger some of them even going viral within the CS:GO community. But participating in this stacked showmatch, no one expected the world-class Brazilian forward to pull off multiple jaw-dropping plays which have taken the internet by storm.

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Neymar Takes Down ZywOo And Shox

A 5v5 CS:GO showmatch took place yesterday between Neymar and famous French streamer Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein. Both the teams consisted of professional CS:GO players, Team Neymar had members from the Brazilian lineup of FURIA while Team Gotaga was made up of players from the French team Vitality.

Right off the bat, Neymar went ham on his opponents as he secured a 1v3 clutch for his side in the first pistol round on Inferno; a map on which Neymar has already gone viral before for a pistol ace that he took during his first-ever Twitch stream.

Finding an opening kill from ‘Balcony’ Neymar quickly planted the C4 and proceeded to defend the site. In the post-plant situation, he first connected a quick headshot to take down ZywOo and followed this up by dancing around the site to secure two more kills on Gotaga and Shox, winning the opening round for his side.

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The clip instantly went viral with more than a million views at the time of writing this article. Sadly, despite the intense first-round Team Neymar went on to lose Inferno ‘16-5’ against Team Gotaga. Neymar still had a pretty good game securing a total of 16 kills and carrying his weight around the pros really well.

It was a rough outing for Neymar and the boys as they lost the second game on Mirage also. Team Neymar failed to achieve success and draw out the series '1-1' as they went down ‘16-7’ to the French lineup once again. This was probably the first time Neymar played in a CS:GO showmatch while streaming it live on his Twitch channel and though his team lost, his individual performance was worth a standing ovation. 

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