Valve Fixes CS:GO Stuttering Issue Reported By Players


Valve Solves CS:GO Stuttering Issue Reported by Players: How to Fix It?

It seems a problem related to Steam was affecting CS:GO.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO players had reported about a micro stuttering issue that many players were discussing about.
The community had correctly predicted that the issue was not in the game but had been introduced along with the recent Steam Update.
Valve has rolled out a fix for the stuttering issue within 24 hours of the problem being reported.

The CS:GO community was quite distrubed as many players witnessed a weird 'micro stuttering' issue within the game. Multiple reports came forward showing a sort of lag repeatedly occurring while playing CS:GO.

As per the initial discussion between community members, the problem seemed to not be related to the game at all, rather it had something to do with the game's client - Steam. Many recalled that the stuttering issue had started to occur since the release of the 13th May Steam update.

Well, this turned out to be true as Valve rolled out a fix for the burning issue within 24 hours of the problem being reported by adding support for "-nojoy" command line parameter that "fully suppress(es) Steam input performance overhead".

How to fix the 'micro stuttering' issue in CS:GO?

It seems the community was once again a step ahead of the developers, guiding them in the right direction by successfully predicting that the latest stuttering issue in CS:GO was due to the latest Steam update.

CS:GO player points out the problem is with Steam client

The client was to be blamed for the sudden short burst of repeated lags that many players were witnessing while playing the game. With the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 underway, Valve had to act quickly to solve this urgent issue which could become a nuisance during the opening day of the Legends Stage.

The problem reached Valve quicker as many professional CS:GO players and famous personalities also noticed this issue. Swedish legend, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund shared a GIF while asking Valve if they could fix the stuttering problem with the game. While the Lithuanian player for MOUZ, Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras, shared a quick/temporary fix for the stuttering problem with community members.

This fix did work for a few users but many still continued to face problems. Valve then added support for the "-nojoy" command line parameter earlier today which completely suppresses the Steam input performance overhead, eliminating the micro stuttering issue and delivering the regular smooth gameplay that the players are used to.

One important thing players need to keep in mind is that the command above is meant for the Steam Launch Options and not the CS:GO Console Command. Players might face an error if they try to input it in the console command, so be careful of that.

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