Valve Might Be Working On a Gift Item Feature For CS:GO


Valve Might Be Working on a ‘Gift Item’ Feature for CS:GO Similar to Dota 2

A new exciting feature seems to be headed towards CS:GO.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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There is a possibility that Valve might be working on a new item gifting feature for CS:GO, similar to that of Dota 2.
Data found within the latest CS:GO update points towards the possibility of an upcoming 'Gift Item' feature.
As per a data miner, the code "items_gifted" has been around since 2015, but this was the first instance of it resurfacing again.

Valve seems to be working on a new feature for CS:GO which has been present in its other title Dota 2 since the beginning. According to a piece of code spotted in the latest CS:GO update, which rolled out earlier today on 11th November, there is a possibility that a 'Gift Item' feature might soon be added to the game.

This is a pleasant surprise for the CS:GO community who despite having come across a few limited-time features similar to it, have never had an option to directly gift a cosmetic item to any of their friends and surprise them.

Valve might give CS:GO a feature to gift items and cosmetics to other users

According to code found in the latest CS:GO update, a data miner who goes by the name of Gabe Follower has found significant evidence of a new feature that might be added to CS:GO which will allow users to gift items to others.

The code titled "items_gifted" was spotted as part of the latest update. As per the data miner this could be an indication of the addition of a possible new gifting feature very similar to the one used in Dota 2. The code in itself is not something new and has been around since 2015, but this was the first instance of it surfacing again after quite a while.

Code spotted in latest CS:GO update

This 'Gift Item' feature has never been introduced to CS:GO officially but has existed in Dota 2 since the beginning. A few temporary gifting features have been observed in CS:GO previously, but nothing concrete and permanent as indicated by these recent hints.

The new feature if enabled will allow users to gift cosmetic items to their friends and surprise them properly, instead of initiating a bland single-sided trade which has been the norm up until this point. Additionally, it will allow players to bypass the trade and market restrictions on certain items by directly gifting them. Always better to pass on items rather than deleting them pointlessly.

Possible CS:GO gifting feature might work in a similar manner

Valve has had years of experience with the gifting feature and is prepared to prevent CS:GO players from abusing it, in case it is introduced to the game, by implementing gifting restrictions. This ensures that players are able to gift items to only those users, who they have been friends with for at least 30 days.

Gift receive notification in Dota 2

Surely an unexpected feature that no one saw coming. It will be interesting to see how the CS:GO community receives this aspect of gifting, if Valve actually goes ahead and releases such a feature for the game.

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