Valve Releases  Stockholm Major Player Signature Stickers


Valve Releases Player Stickers for All Stockholm Major Playoff Participants

The player sticker signature capsules are finally here!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve released PGL Major Stockholm 2021 'Player Autograph Capsules' three days after the tournament's conclusion.
40 player stickers have been released in total, divided into two categories - champions and finalists autograph capsules.
All the player signature stickers released are available in three quality variants - paper, holo, gold.

Valve has finally released the 'Player Autograph Capsules', or like the community likes to call them player signature stickers, for all the participants that competed in the Champions Stage of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

In total, 40 players' stickers have been released and have been segregated into two different categories, Champions Autographs Capsule and Finalists Autographs Capsule.

The former will consist of five stickers from Natus Vincere as they are the Stockholm Major champions, while the latter will consist of the remaining 35 stickers from the other qualified teams like G2 Esports, Team Vitality, Heroic,, FURIA Esports, Gambit Esports, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Valve releases the PGL Major Stockholm player stickers

As promised Valve have released the 'Player Autograph Capsules' in just three days after the conclusion of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The player stickers are divided into two categories - Champions and Finalists. All the 40 player stickers are available in three quality variants - Paper, Holo, Gold.

Each capsule across the two categories can be purchased for INR 74 ($1 USD), with 50% of the proceeds being shared between players and the organizations which took part in the Stockholm Major.

The 'Champions Autographs Capsule' consists of the NAVI player stickers as they won the Major title. So within this capsule the following player stickers can be found,

Champions Autographs Capsule - NAVI Stockholm Major Player Stickers

The 'Finalists Autographs Capsule' consists of player stickers from the remaining 35 players who made it through to the Playoffs. So within this capsule the following player stickers can be found,

Finalists Autographs Capsule - Stockholm Major Player Stickers

Apart from this, a new Music Kit was also released called 'Flashbang Dance - by The Verkkars and nothing. This was a highly requested Music Kit by the CS:GO community ever since the music had been released by The Verkkars along with Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert, who is a former professional CS:GO player from North America.

There were also several tweaks made to CS:GO maps like Insertion II and Extraction. For the full list of changes 'Click Here'.

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