Valde Reveals Why He Signed With ENCE


Valde Reveals Why He Signed With ENCE Over Astralis and Evil Geniuses

This is what attracted the Dane towards his new team.

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Valde during a recent podcast revealed that he had received seven to eight offers from various CS:GO teams.
He went on to explain why he chose to go with ENCE, dropping offers from other teams like Astralis and Evil Geniuses.
The structure adopted by ENCE was something that appealed to valde, who also felt that they were the best competitively among all teams that had approached him.

The summer player break is over bringing with it a close to the wild CS:GO roster shuffle mania. Many teams made changes to produce better results in the second half of the 2022 circuit. Due to this shuffle Valdemar "⁠valde⁠" Vangså, was one such player who received multiple offers from different teams and organizations.

Despite receiving multiple offers and talking to a lot of teams including Astralis and Evil Geniuses (EG), Valde took a final decision to go ahead and join the Finnish esports organization - ENCE.

Opening up about why he decided to join ENCE during a recent episode of HLTV Confirmed, valde simply said that he prioritized the team that according to him was the best competitively, "ENCE at the end of the day felt the best for me."

Valde explains why he signed with ENCE out of all the CS:GO offers that came his way

The 27-year-old from Denmark revealed that he had received offers from seven or eight different CS:GO teams. He was excited, but had to choose carefully as this would be his comeback to the competitive front, having missed out on the action for more than a quarter of the year sitting on OG's bench.

He felt that out of all the teams that had approached him, including Astralis and EG, it was ENCE that stood out as the best competitively.

Valde explained that it was the team's structure that appealed to him, enough to overlook all the changes that it had gone through in the past. The fact that it was one of the best teams on LAN in the first half of the year was also something that attracted him towards the Finnish organization.

"Role-wise for me it also made a lot of sense, to a point where I could get more into some of the action spots compared to being a more supportive player," said valde, adding that "The main thing was the roles, and then obviously the players on the team."

Valde excited to meet the ENCE lineup

He confirmed being engaged in talks with both Astralis and EG, but nothing transpired with either of them. With Astralis things did not work out and valde mentioned that he was not the right person to answer the 'why' behind it, as for EG the talks fell through because the organization wanted to maintain a North American core otherwise they would not be eligible to compete from the region.

The revamped ENCE lineup will be seen in action soon at the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 16 as part of 'Group-C', scheduled to take place from 14th to 18th September.

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