M0NESY Finds Huge CS:GO Smoke Bug On Overpass


G2 m0NESY Finds New One Way Molotov in CS:GO on Mirage

He always manages to find something interesting with his utility experiments!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Another one-sided utility has been found by the young and talented m0NESY.
This time he has managed to find an overpowered Molotov on Mirage.

Once again the utility experiements continue to bear results for Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov. This time a new discovery has been made using a Molotov instead of a Smoke, but the map still remains the same - Mirage.

In fact, the overpowered one-way Molotov discovered is in the exact same location where the controversial smoke bug was abused by G2 Esports during the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

As per the video going viral across the community, the Molotov seems to be acting in the exact same manner as the Smoke, allowing the user to gain one-sided vision towards the complete midsection of Mirage from the window.

Overpowered one-way Molotov in CS:GO found by m0NESY on Mirage

It seems like almost all recent broken smoke bugs and other utility lineups that lie in the gray area seem to be getting discovered by one player alone, the young and talented G2 Esports marksman - m0NESY.

This 17-year-old is a beast on the server and a machine outside of it with the amount of time he spends playing the game, be it practice with the team or dishing out multi frags on FACEIT.

His most recent discovery seems to be a one sided Molotov on Mirage, which he seems to throw from vent at an exact angle right outside the window. This allows the flames to spread partially, covering the outer part of the wall but not inflicting any damage to a player standing just behind it.

The angle thus created allows the player behind the Molotov flames to freely pick anyone on the other side as they are granted unobstructed vision. However, they remain camouflaged by the same flames, rendering them invisible to anyone coming mid and peeking them.

This seems to work very similarly to the bugged one-way smoke that was operating at the same spot. Last time Valve fixed the bug in record speed as it was discovered during the Major. It remains to be seen how quickly will the developers roll one out a fox for this one.

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