m0NESY Complains About Smoke Bugs In CS:GO


G2 m0NESY Shares Relocation Plans, Complains About Smoke Bugs in CS:GO

A message for Valve from one of the youngest players on the circuit.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During the IEM Cologne 2022 press conference, m0NESY spoke about his relocation plans to Europe while also sharing his thoughts on smoke bugs in CS:GO.
The 17-year-old confirmed that the rumors about him getting foreign citizenship were false but he is going to live in Germany for some time.
He went on to state that Valve needs to fix the game's problems as some of the smoke bugs have now existed for more than four or five years.

Ahead of the opening match for G2 Esports, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, during the IEM Cologne 2022 press conference had a few things to say about adjusting to the team, performance pressure, relocation plans, and his thoughts on the smoke bugs in CS:GO.

The talented AWPer said that his relocation plans were coming along as he plans on moving to Europe. He confirmed that the earlier rumors about him getting any foreign citizenship were false.

He went on to deliver a message to the developers related to the plethora of unresolved smoke bugs that have existed in the game forever, while he continues discovering and adding new ones to his arsenal.

m0NESY talks about relocating to Europe and shares his thoughts on smoke bugs in CS:GO

About a month after m0NESY had joined G2 Esports, rumors had started to surface about him getting a foreign citizenship in order to move out of Russia and not face any issues playing for the Spanish esports organization, due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Talking about that incident and current relocation plans, m0NESY confirmed that he is planning on moving to Europe, "First of all, it's exhausting to fly from Russia, it takes too long, 15-16 hours, and costs a lot. For now, I will live in Germany for some time. The rumors of me getting a citizenship were false, but I might get a resident card somewhere."

With the informal tag of 'Bug-esy' being bestowed upon the 17-year-old by the CS:GO community for all the weird smoke bugs that he keeps discovering, he pointed out that Valve just needs to do better work to keep such issues to the minimum.

"Some of those smokes exist for more than 4 or 5 years. I know plenty of those since 2015 or 2016, and they are still not fixed," said m0NESY, "There are issues with other things, not just utility. People in competition still use bugged nades, like the one on Ancient, that's being thrown from the spawn area. That is considered to be bugged, but it is somehow permitted, and I don't know why."

Unfortunately for G2 Esports, it lost its opening bout against Movistar Riders and will have to make its way through the lower bracket in order to qualify for the playoffs.

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