Unhygienic Hotel Room Situation Between S1mple and EPL Host Finally Resolved

The drama involving player accommodation has been resolved.

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Dirty Hotel Room Situation Finally Resolved


The ordeal between s1mple and the Maltese hotel hosting the ESL Pro League Season 16 has finally been resolved.
S1mple had initially called out the hotel for poor maintenance of their room where insects and mold were present.
The unnamed hotel went on to provide some context from its side regarding the statements made by s1mple.

There was a lot of back and forth between one of the best CS:GO players in the world, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, and the host hotel for ESL Pro League Season 16 in Malta, which has remained unnamed throughout this whole ordeal. The situation has finally been resolved according to a public statement by Alexander Inglot, Commissioner of ESL Pro League.

He revealed that all three of them sat down and had a chat to clear the air. S1mple presented his views on all the events that unfolded before them while the Maltese hotel was appreciative of his concerns.

The discussion came to a peaceful conclusion for both the sides involved and the issue was finally resolved four days after s1mple had decided to speak about it.

Issue between EPL host hotel in Malta and s1mple comes to a peaceful resolution

Four days ago on 24th September, s1mple had called out ESL for terrible communication with teams regarding accommodation of rooms in the Maltese hotel that was hosting all the CS:GO players participating in the ESL Pro League Season 16.

He also pointed out poor maintenance of the hotel rooms, "I don't want to complain but if I wake up with ants on (the) bed and look at the mold on the wall in (a) four-star hotel, then I don't know," said s1mple.

Beyond the maintenance of the room, s1mple spoke about how he had to constantly switch rooms within the same hotel, "Yesterday (24th Sep) they told me that I need to check out from one room at 11 AM and when I wake up today (25th Sep), they tell me to move to the same room from yesterday and check out from this one."

S1mple showing the mold in his hotel room

This was followed by the Maltese hotel claiming that s1mple spent three weeks in the hotel eating and drinking while refusing to get his room cleaned.

In a statement to Lovin Malta the host hotel alleged that "S1mple checked into the hotel on 19th August, and spent 21 days with a 'do not disturb' sign hanging on his door knob. It got to the point where the hotel was leaving linens outside of his door and sent him a letter asking him to allow them to clean his room. To this, he (s1mple) not only refused, but went to tell staff not to enter his room under any circumstance."

The hotel even claimed that there was no mold or and there were no insects in that hotel room prior to s1mple staying in it. The hotel found out about it via the tweet because no complaint was ever received by them regarding this mold.

As for the situation regarding the two rooms booked by s1mple, the hotel clarified that initially two rooms had been booked by the player - one for gaming and the other for living, but as other players started to arrive the hotel got overbooked and s1mple was asked to vacate one of the rooms.

Hotel cleaned the mold after finding out about it

The Ukrainian AWPer did retaliate to these statements by labelling everything said by the Maltese hotel as "dirty lies", threatening to reveal all their lies and shady actions.

However soon after, Alexander Inglot via another public statement revealed that the sitaution had been resolved following a discussion between all the parties involved.

With this, the drama in Malta comes to an end as the playoff stage of the ESL Pro League Season 16 kicks off. NAVI is set to play against Heroic later today on 28th September at 22:30 IST.

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