Tarik Slams PGL Stockholm Major Watch Party Guidelines


Tarik Reveals Why He Hasn't Hosted a PGL Major Watch Party Yet

Tarik speaks his mind against PGL's watch party guidelines.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Tarik in a recent Twitch stream revealed why he has not yet hosted a PGL Stockholm Major watch party.
The 25-year-old criticized the watch party guidelines provided by PGL, pointing out some of the rules and calling them "ridiculous".
Having expressed his disappointment, tarik did not completely rule out hosting a watch party by saying that "I might wait until the next stage".

Former Evil Geniuses' CS:GO player Tarik "tarik" Celik has been away from the competitive circuit for more than six months now. He had turned to streaming and content creation in April. Tarik took a hiatus from competing professionally and to give some thought to his future.

With the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 underway, the 25-year-old was excited and planned to host a watch party to enjoy the tournament with his viewers. However, tarik in his recent Twitch stream confirmed having postponed everything, criticizing the community broadcast guidelines set forth by PGL.

He has pointed out several things that are counterintuitive to hosting a PGL Major Stockholm watch party, as those rules simply make the co-stream uninteresting and of little value for both the viewers and the streamer.

Tarik criticizes PGL's watch party guidelines for the Stockholm Major

Tarik is not at all happy with the guidelines that PGL has provided to host a non-commercial co-stream of the ongoing CS:GO Major. This was revealed in his recent Twitch stream when a viewer asked him if he would host a watch party for the second day of the Major, to which the streamer responded by saying,

I don't know if I am going to do a watch party tonight for the Major, probably not honestly. I am going to wait until the next stage.
Tarik "tarik" Celik

This clears up that tarik will not be hosting a watch part for the currently ongoing Challengers Stage. He is instead going to wait for the Legends Stage, that is scheduled to start from 30th October onwards.

Tarik's Pick'Em for PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - Challengers Stage

Having cleared his stance on when he prefers to host the watch party, tarik then explained why he hasn't hosted one so far.

It’s super f**king scuffed how PGL has it set up. You have to have a two-minute delay on your stream, you have to remove all ads from your stream, you have to remove all the panels below your stream that have any ads, you can’t listen to the casters while you’re in the GOTV so you can just hear the gameplay. So not only are you in the GOTV with delay, you have to add a two-minute delay on top. It’s ridiculous, it’s the worst piece of sh*t I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry if this comes off as rude, but it’s the worst piece of sh*t.
Tarik "tarik" Celik

It is the extended stream delay that Tarik is most upset about, but it seems that his viewers still want him to host one regardless. While he hasn't given his word maybe the inclusion of teams like EG and Liquid might be enough to make him change his mind.

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