Suspect Reportedly Caught for DDoS Attacks on CS:GO Matchmaking Platform, May Face Prison Sentence

Swedish Police has caught a suspect for disrupting the service of a CS:GO matchmaking platform.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Suspect Caught for DDoS Attacks On CSGO Matchmaking Platform, May Face Prison Sentence</p></div>

Suspect Caught for DDoS Attacks On CSGO Matchmaking Platform, May Face Prison Sentence

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Swedish Police have arrested a suspect for DDoS attacks on a third party CS:GO matchmaking platform Esportal.
Esportal, after facing DDoS attacks a few months back in June, internally investigated the matter and lodged a complaint with the Swedish Police in July.
Swedish laws for 'gross breach of data security' is very strict, with a minimum sentence of six months and a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

Swedish third party CS:GO matchmaking platform, Esportal had been facing disruption in its services due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks recently and it proceeded to file a report to the Swedish police. Yesterday on 13th August, Esportal came forward with an update on the situation stating that the Swedish Police had arrested a suspect following which the attacks have reportedly ceased. According to Swedish laws, the penalty for 'gross breach of data security' is very strict, as a minimum sentence of six months in prison and a maximum penalty of six years may be imposed in case of a serious data breach.

Swedish Police arrests suspect for DDoS attacks on CS:GO matchmaking website

Swedish Police has tracked down a suspect who is possibly the person responsible for all the DDoS attacks that have been disrupting Esportal's services since the past few months.

The Swedish third party matchmaking service, in a public statement, has given a brief about the DDoS attacks. According to them, the attacks started to occur around 20th June against "various servers in our infrastructure."

Immediately, an internal investigation was launched to stop these attacks and secure the infrastructure and additional measures were taken to identify the perpetrators.

More than a month later on 27th July, the internal investigation came to an end and Esportal reached out to the Swedish Police, lodging a report with them. They made sure that the authorities knew the seriousness of the situation and the severity of the attacks, along with the negative impact it has had on both them and their providers.

The Swedish Police has since arrested a suspect in connection with these DDoS attacks on Esportal, following which the attacks on the CS:GO matchmaking website have reportedly seized. A formal statement reads as follows,

On 6th August the attacks ceased following the arrest of a suspect. The following day they were also detained by Swedish Authorities suspected on probable cause for gross breach of data security (swe: grovt dataingrång) as regulated in The Swedish Criminal Code, Chapter 4, Section 9c (swe: 4 kap. 9 c § brottsbalken).
Statement by Esportal

The Swedish laws against gross data breach were made stricter in 2014, following which the minimum sentence handed to a culprit was six months while the maximum sentence is six years.

Esportal concluded by stating that they will not comment on the matter any further, and will soon be resolving the matter completely.

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