Stewie2K Engages In Banter With Gambit Esports


[Watch] Stewie2K's Hilarious Banter With Gambit at BLAST World Final 2021

Stewie2K was hitting his shots outside the server!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Stewie2K was at the top of his game against Gambit Esports at the BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 as he engaged in some friendly banter.
Nafany who is generally quiet was also fired up, giving it back to Liquid especially after the second round on Vertigo.
Stewie2K also shouted "Can't wait till NAVI put you in your place", towards the tail end of the match.

Team Liquid aka the 'dead team' has been putting up great performances in their recent outings. The fact that this roster will not be staying together next year has emboldened them to play their game fearlessly, the results have been surprisingly positive.

In their recent upper bracket semifinal match against Gambit Esports at the ongoing BLAST Premier: World Final 2021, Liquid took the series down to a decider but failed to close it out. The match was not only spicy on the server but also outside of it as Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip engaged in some brutal banter with Gambit, particularly their shotcaller Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov.

Stewie2K spices up the match against Gambit with some great banter outside the server

Liquid was written off to a lower bracket run and an early elimination from the BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 as they faced NAVI in their opening match. However, the dead North American team managed to take NAVI down in a close '2-1' run, achieving what all other CS:GO teams have failed to do so against them on LAN throughout 2021.

Powering through, Liquid now faced the second best team from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent states) region - Gambit Esports. Once again a struggle ensued going down to a decider, but this time the excitement increased twofold as Stewie2K spiced things up with some live trash-talk.

Though there were quite a few moments where some words were exchanged, the first notable instance was witnessed during the second round of the second map, Vertigo.

In a 2v5 post-plant situation favoring the CT-sided Liquid, Dmitriy "sh1ro" Sokolov managed to secure a high-pressure ace which resulted in Gambit winning the round. However, it was nafany who got all fired up, expressing his excitement by being loud and vocal about it.

While Liquid failed to secure the round, Stewie2K was not letting nafany walk away with this as he shouted right back, "Relax, you guys f***ing suck".

This was followed by another incident which took place after Liquid received a '13-2' thrashing in the first half of the final map, Overpass. Right before the start of the second half, Stewie2K shouted "Can't wait till NAVI put you in your place".

This sudden outburst caught the casters and all the viewers by surprise, who loved the friendly banter taking place between the two sides. Stewie2K delivered some tight punches and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the series!

Stewie2K after dropping the series against Gambit

However, it remains to be seen if NAVI even gets an opportunity to go up against Gambit as they continue fighting through the lower bracket, whereas Gambit have made it through to the upper bracket final.

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