NAF Talks About Liquid Winning Despite Being 'Dead Team'



NAF Talks About Liquid Winning Despite Being a 'Dead Team', Future in CS:GO

Damn it feels good to be a NAFFER!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Canadian rifler, NAF, explains how Liquid being labeled a 'dead team' has helped them perform better.
NAF also talks about his position in CS:GO going into 2022, which has been something of a mystery so far.
Team Liquid eliminated Ninjas in Pyjamas from BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021 yesterday which was quite the unexpected outcome.

Team Liquid was labeled a 'dead team' going into the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021, something that Keith "NAF" Markovic has embraced with open arms. The 23-year-old Canadian rifler had a ball of a time against Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) yesterday on 26th November, as Liquid went on to eliminate them from the tournament, which was definitely an unexpected outcome.

Talking about their performance, NAF straight as an arrow said that NIP should have obviously won this match considering Liquid's current state as "we haven't been practicing too much". But despite the revelation, he went on to explain how being a 'dead team' is actually working in their favor, during an interview with Fragbite.

NAF explains how being a 'dead team' has helped Team Liquid perform better

NAF, one of the most talented CS:GO players from the North American region, was unstoppable yesterday against NIP during their lower bracket elimination match at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021.

He was the highest rated player for Liquid across all the three maps - Inferno, Mirage, Overpass, which helped him attain an overall HLTV rating of 1.44 with an ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 102.2 and a K/D differential of +27.

NAF won multiple clutches for the side and seemed to be in impeccable form. Talking about their unexpected victory against NIP despite being labelled as a 'dead team', NAF pointed out how being this free has actually helped the team perform better.

We're somewhat of a 'dead team'. We don't have any pressure: all the pressure was on NIP. I don't know if they felt it, but I remember after the first map, through the cameras I could see some of them stressing out and all that, taking deep breaths. I guess, obviously they should have won with our state, as we haven't been practicing too much. But at the end of the day, shit happens, it's alright. We're five players who know how to play CS, so it's nothing NIP should feel too bad about.
Keith "NAF" Markovic - Interview with Fragbite

He further spoke about how the team is now letting Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo do what he wants to, with Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip doing the mid-round calling every now and then, as others keep chiming in whenever possible.

As for his future, it seems shrouded in mystery as no rumors or reports have surfaced about potential transfers nor has there been any news on whether he is continuing with Liquid. To that end NAF with a smirk on his face said that:

My position to the public is somewhat of a mystery. That's somewhat of a mystery that has yet to be revealed. I guess, I got to leave it there.
Keith "NAF" Markovic - Interview with Fragbite
Stewie2K, FalleN are reportedly set to leave Liquid in 2022

With Liquid set to make changes next year, there is still a big question mark as to what their new roster might look like despite a lot of reports being released around the team's future!

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