S1mple Talks About A Faster Method To Plant C4 In CSGO, Community Debates


S1mple Talks About a Faster Method to Plant C4 in CS:GO, Community Debates

Discussion about a faster planting method has taken the CS:GO community by storm.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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S1mple claims that pressing the 'E' button enables CS:GO players to plant the C4 faster when compared to the 'Left Click'.
This led to a huge debate within the CS:GO community as users started countering this statement by highlighting 3kliksphilip's video on the topic.
A user even conducted an experiment of his own, his results coinciding with what 3kliksphilip's had stated six years ago.

When the best CS:GO player in the world says something, the community usually takes it without asking any questions. But that was not the case yesterday when Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev came forward to say that holding down 'E' to plant a C4 is faster than using the 'Left Click'. An instant debate erupted within the CS:GO community as users started pointing out that this theory has been debunked by popular Counter-Strike YouTuber 3kliksphilip. There was still a lot of back and forth arguments as a dedicated user went ahead to experiment on his own, concluding that the time to plant the C4 does indeed vary by a few ticks.

Is there a faster way to plant the C4 in CS:GO?

Yesterday on 27th July, VP.Prodigy lost one round to Fnatic Rising on Overpass after they ran out of time to plant the C4. Highlighting this round in particular, Na'Vi star AWPer, s1mple came forward to reveal that the first CS:GO player who had managed to plant the C4 quicker than the default time required was the Astralis captain Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander.

He followed this up by claiming that pressing down the 'E' button to plant a C4 was a faster method of planting than the default 'Left Click'.

As expected, it led to a huge debate within the CS:GO community as users immediately started pointing out an experiment conducted by 3kliksphilip on this very topic more than six years ago.

According to 3kliksphilip's analysis, if the player has done everything right like holding the C4 in their hand before reaching the site and planting right on the very edge of the site right from where it begins, then it does not matter which button the player uses.

There is a small variance but it is random which button it favors everytime. It seems as though holding down the plant button does not guarantee you the fastest time. The fastest way to planting is if you press the plant button the moment you enter the site.

A recent experiment conducted by a CS:GO player following s1mple's tweet seems to be generating the same result as the one showcased by 3kliksphilip. The user in his outcome states that "After some testing, there appears to be VERY SLIGHT variation at times when the C4 is planted, but not more than 1 or 2 ticks."

It seems s1mple might have been wrong after all with his statement. The faster plant time when compared to the set default seems to be a random oddity that is not associated to 'E' or 'Left Click', the reason behind its occurrence is still under debate without any solid conclusion.

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