Everything About CS:GO Defuse Code: What Is It, How Can You Change It, What Does It Mean

Everything About CS:GO Defuse Code: What Is It, How Can You Change It, What Does It Mean

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The C4 code used to plant and defuse the explosive in the game has remained unchanged since its release.
  • There is an interesting theory which provides an unofficial reason behind the meaning of this defuse code.
  • Read on to find out everything about the defuse code and see how you can actually change or modify it as required.

The ‘Defuse Code’ used in CS:GO has remained the same since its Counter-Strike days. An important input code without which the objective of both the CT and the T sided players remains incomplete. The C4 in Counter-Strike is nothing but a high powered explosive around which the whole game is played. The main objective of the T-side is to plant this explosive at a certain site across any CS:GO map by typing in the C4 code. While that of the CT-side is to either prevent it from getting planted or successfully defuse it by entering the right defuse code within 40 seconds, otherwise the explosive device will automatically detonate.

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What is the CS:GO Defuse Code?

The CS:GO ‘Defuse Code’ used to plant or defuse the explosive is ‘7355608’. Whenever the C4 is planted or defused the in-game character types this identical code, the same numbers in this exact sequence every single time. This has been the case ever since the game was developed and though there is no official story or reason behind it, certain speculations and rumours still exist.

So let’s see what the CS:GO community thinks is the reason behind ‘7355608’ being the defuse code, and how can you manually change it to something other than the mysterious sequence.

What does the CS:GO Defuse Code mean?

Officially, there is no hidden meaning or reason behind the defusing number sequence ‘7355608’. Valve has never given any statement on the matter from its side nor has it ever spoken about it. But the conspiracy theorists had formulated some reasoning more than 7 years ago, which is still being circulated within the community till today.

The theory was first noticed in the French website/forum VaKarM, where a user explained his theory that goes as follows,

The user converts the defuse sequence ‘7355608’ to ‘tessboB’ using leetspeak, which is a system of modified spellings used primarily on the Internet. The reverse of ‘tessboB’ is ‘Bobsset’, this was then written as ‘Bob’s set’, but this did not make much sense as there is no ‘Bob’ related to CS:GO in public knowledge. 

So, the user figures out that there should be a missing letter ‘m’ somewhere for the word to make sense. Well the picture provided below, which is that of a C4 used in CS:GO has a letter ’M’ on its lower right corner. If we put that into the word obtained above we get ‘Bomb’s set’, which actually makes perfect sense because that is exactly what the ‘7355608’ is.

Everything About CS:GO Defuse Code: What Is It, How Can You Change It, What Does It Mean

This unofficial theory is still being widely followed within the CS:GO community, no one from Valve has made a statement on it or against it. So, the users continue to believe that it is indeed some sort of an easter egg left behind by the developers.

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How to change the CS:GO Defuse Code?

This is quite an old trick and it might not be 100% reliable, so if you wish to go ahead and tamper with your system files in order to change the default defuse  code do it at your own risk. This trick surfaced back in 2016 when a CS:GO content creator ‘AmitKilo’ shared information on the topic. 

Here is how you can change the default defuse code ‘7355608’ to a custom code, but take proper caution and proceed with this trick at your own risk. There are 2 ways to do it, those who do not want to take the long route can simply ‘Download The Codes Pack’, while others can edit the code on their own.

If you pick the direct method then proceed as follows,

  1. After having downloaded the code pack open it.

  2. Then click on any one of the eleven preset custom defuse codes.

  3. Within the selected folder open the font file, this file will have a (.ttf) extension. Open this file and then click on ‘Install’. That is it, you are now all set to go ahead and show off that new defuse code in-game.
Everything About CS:GO Defuse Code: What Is It, How Can You Change It, What Does It Mean

If you pick the indirect method then proceed as follows,

  1. Go ahead and download ‘FontForge’.

  2. Once the program has been downloaded and installed, click on ‘Finish’.

  3. When the program asks to open a font, then ‘Click Here’ to download the preset font called ‘Backup Font.ttf’.

  4. Open this downloaded font through the program pop-up and let it load.

  5. Now you can input any custom defuse code that you desire, how exactly this needs to be done will be explained in the video attached below.

  6. Once the defuse code is set click on ‘File’ and then press ‘Generate Fonts’. A pop-up will ask you to save this with a new name tag, so input any name that you would like and save the file. For the final step click on ‘Generate’.

  7. Now open the font that you just created and click on ‘Install’. That is it, you are now all set to go ahead and show off that new defuse code in-game.

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