S1mple And NAF Build Their CS:GO Dream Teams


S1mple and NAF Build Their $15 CS:GO Dream Teams

A dream auction for many CS:GO enthusiasts.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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As part of the RMR events, PGL had planned multiple fun and engaging segments for the viewers.
One segment required players to build their dream team with a budget of $15 as they could choose from a predetermined roster of 25 players.
While NAF built a single roster, s1mple ended up making two different CS:GO teams.

The RMR (Regional Major Rankings) Events were not just acting qualifiers for the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major 2022. It was an experience that many CS:GO teams from across the world had missed out on in the last couple of years, a LAN tournament, not with a live audience and the whole extravagant package but still a great way to compete against the best possible opposition.

A big part of these events are the numerous fun interactions and engaging segments that players partake in to connect with their fans and all the viewers.

In one such segment, CS:GO stars Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and Keith "NAF" Markovic were given a fixed amount of money ($15) to create their dream team from a predetermined set of players that they could choose from. Here are the dream CS:GO rosters that the two players created.

CS:GO dream teams created by s1mple and NAF

The objective of the game was straightforward, as the two CS:GO players would create their own dream teams with the limited amount of funds given to them. The palate of players presented to them across multiple roles were as follows,


$5 - s1mple

$4 - Broky

$3 - m0NESY

$2 - El1an

$1 - poizon


$5 - karrigan

$4 - gla1ve

$3 - nafany

$2 - hampus

$1 - Boombl4

Aggressive Rifler

$5 - NiKo

$4 - electronic

$3 - k0nfig

$2 - Yekindar

$1 - JackZ

Passive Rifler

$5 - ropz

$4 - Naf

$3 - Magisk

$2 - floppy

$1 - Perfecto

Flex Rifler

$5 - stavn

$4 - Twistzz

$3 - TeSeS

$2 - mezii

$1 - shox

NAF's CS:GO dream team

NAF started making his team by picking Broky as his AWPer, appreciating the recent form showcased by FaZe Clan's star player. He followed up by selecting hampus as the team's shotcaller due to his affinity towards In-Game Leaders (IGL) that are also playmakers.

For his next pick, the Liquid rifler selected Yekindar for his unpredictable playstyle and then picked himself up immediately after. The 24-year-old chose Perfecto as his final player, due to his ability to clutch while also calling him a smart and knowledgable player.

NAF CS:GO Dream Team

S1mple's CS:GO dream team

The GOAT of CS:GO created two different rosters, the first comprising of the current NAVI roster with just one change, Valerii "b1t" Vakhovskyi being replaced by Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov.

"I will just pick me and m0nesy, save dollar and pick IGL as Boombl4, Perfecto flash master, and electronic," explained s1mple as he made his first dream roster within seconds. He even offered the position of main AWPer to m0NESY and suggested that he could switch between an AWP or rifle according to the situation.

S1mple First CS:GO Dream Team

His second team comprised of ropz, electronic, hampus, m0NESY, and JackZ, as he replaced himself along with Perfecto and Boombl4. This seemed like a more honest pick by the Ukrainian AWPer.

S1mple Second CS:GO Dream Team

All the RMR events have concluded and all the 24 teams participating in the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 are now confirmed, the event is scheduled to take place from 9th to 22nd May.

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