S1mple, B1t Win At Esports Awards 2021


S1mple and B1t Win Esports PC Player and Rookie of the Year at Esports Awards 2021

NAVI CS:GO players shine bright at Esports Awards 2021.

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NAVI's star CS:GO players s1mple and b1t won their respective categories at the Esports Awards 2021.
S1mple was named as the 'Esports PC Player of the Year' while B1t was declared as the 'Esports PC Rookie of the Year' by the Esports Awards 2021.
Australian CS:GO talent SPUNJ won the award for 'Esports Colour Caster of the Year' for his fantastic work alongside Machine.

It has been a huge year for Natus Vincere (NAVI) when it comes to competitive Counter-Strike. The Ukrainian organization has won both the Intel Grand Slam (IGS) Season 3 and the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 in the same year, with their star players, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev firing on all cylinders and the rookie Valerii "b1t" Vakhovskyi showcasing tremendous growth.

Both of them along with well-rounded support from the rest of the squad, where each member stepped up individually at different stages of the journey, led NAVI to create history. To top it off, it has also resulted in s1mple being named as the 'Esports PC Player of the Year' while b1t was declared as the 'Esports PC Rookie of the Year' by the Esports Awards 2021.

NAVI CS:GO stars s1mple and b1t win big at Esports Awards 2021

One of the best CS:GO players to have ever played the game, s1mple, continues to conquer 2021. The 24-year-old has done extremely well this year as everything he touches keeps turning into gold.

He has already bagged six MVP (most valuable player) awards, won three consecutive LAN tournaments including the Stockholm Major 2021, registered NAVI's name in history as the only team to have won a Major without dropping a single map, and has now also been named as the 'Esports PC Player of the Year' by Esports Awards 2021.

To make things better, all this hard work has also resulted in NAVI becoming only the third CS:GO team in history to have secured an IGS. S1mple considers this to be an even bigger achievement than winning the Major, as Astralis and Team Liquid are the only other teams to have secured this title.

However, the stability that NAVI's CS:GO roster has achieved was because of b1t's induction into the team. It seems to have suddenly solved all of their problems, making them a really strong team to go up against.

To his credit, he was rightly awarded the title of 'Esports PC Rookie of the Year'. Within his first year as a professional player, b1t has achieved the highest possible accolades that a CS:GO player can achieve.

B1t wins the title of 'Esports PC Rookie of the Year'

While the NAVI boys shone bright, the talented Australian caster Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill was another CS:GO personality that was awarded with the 'Esports Colour Caster of the Year' award.

It was an eventful day for NAVI and Counter-Strike as a whole, with s1mple, b1t, B1ad3, CS:GO, and the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 also being nominated under multiple categories at the Game Awards 2021.

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