S1mple Wins Insane 1v4 Clutch With Half A Second Left To Defuse


[Watch] S1mple Wins Insane 1v4 Clutch With Half a Second Left to Defuse

Ice in his veins, s1mple seals a '2-1' victory for Na'Vi over G2 Esports.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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S1mple wins the round for Na'Vi against G2 Esports by bagging an insane 1v4 clutch.
The last kill was taken by s1mple with just 0.24 seconds left on the defuse.
This resulted in Na'Vi winning both the match and the series, making their way into the grand final.

The BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 is over with Gambit Esports walking away as the champions, but the hustle shown by Na'Vi was just brilliant. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev came in clutch for his side in a close-fought lower bracket match against G2 Esports, as Na'Vi barely managed to run away with a '2-1' victory to setup that rematch against Gambit in the grand finals. It was the map point for Na'Vi on the final map Nuke when s1mple went god mode to single handedly take a 1v4 clutch, the last player going down with just 0.24 seconds left for the defuse.

S1mple Wins it Big for Na'Vi Against G2 Esports

S1mple came in clutch for Na'Vi big time as they took down G2 Esports '16-13' on the final map Nuke to win the series. In the 29th round, Na'Vi players were trapped on the 'B-Site' with only 20 seconds left on the clock to make their move.

As Na'Vi players started to enter the site, they were met with heavy resistance from G2 Esports who had covered all possible entries perfectly. The exchange of bullets resulted in s1mple standing alone for Na'Vi against nexa, AmaNEk, huNter-, and NiKo.

What happened next was surreal as s1mple hammered G2 Esports hard to turn the situation into a 1v1 between him and AmaNEk.

From the clip above you can see how quickly s1mple secures the three kills, planting the C4 with just 3 seconds to spare and on 8 points of health. AmaNEk does well to go for an instant defuse and as he is about to get away with it, s1mple takes a shot at him, securing the final kill with only 0.24 seconds left for the defuse.

An incredible play from s1mple, as he helps Na'Vi secure a '16-13' victory on Nuke along with a '2-1' series victory over G2 Esports. Though Na'Vi goes on to falter against Gambit in the grand finals, s1mple continues to show why he is one of the best CS:GO players in the world.

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