Ropz Talks About FaZe Clan's 13 Match Win Streak In CS2


Ropz Talks About FaZe Clan's 13 Match Win Streak in CS2

How long will the dream run continue?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FaZe Clan is currently on a 13 match win streak which started during the IEM Sydney 2023 in October.
FaZe Clan has also set two CS2 records since they started competing in the new version of the title.
Ropz is feeling great because of the dominant start that they have enjoyed in CS2 and fans calling them the best team to watch.

FaZe Clan is currently on a hot 13-match win streak ever since transitioning to Counter-Strike 2. They did lose their first professional CS2 match on LAN during IEM Sydney 2023 but then also ended up winning the tournament.

They went on to win another event after this called Thunderpick World Championship 2023 and have also managed to set two CS2 records on their way.

Currently competing in the CS2 Asia Championships 2023, FaZe Clan has manged to defeat NIP and MOUZ to directly qualify for the semifinals.

Celebrating the team's top form, Robin "ropz" Kool spoke about the current win streak that they were on and all the CS2 records that have been set by them.

Ropz on FaZe Clan's Winstreak: "Feels great, to start off CS2 so dominant"

FaZe Clan has set two CS2 records ever since their transition to the new version of the game. They became the first team to register a clean 13-0 sweep during a game against ENCE and have also set the record for playing the biggest game of CS2 by exchanging 53 rounds against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

During an interview with HLTV, ropz while talking about these records mentioned that he does not know what it is but sometimes things just work out for the viewers and the crowd when FaZe Clan plays.

"We play those long matches, we can pull a 13-0 out of the bag randomly, we just make the game entertaining," said ropz, adding that it is after a long time he has noticed fans mentioning that they are the best team to watch.

On the topic of their 13-match win streak, ropz expressed that it feels great to start CS2 in such a dominant manner after the rough patch they have been through.

Ropz also shared how he tried to anti-jinx the win streak while going against during Thunderpick World Championship 2023 by pointing out that they were on a 10-match streak and somehow it worked.

He pointed out how the team is working hard but was now running out of strategies, not getting any time to work on new stuff due to all the traveling.

"We're using so much of our feeling, confidence, and improvisation right now to grind out the rounds. I think we're doing a good job in mid-rounds, and as long as we have the initiative I think we're going to be able to win any round," concludes ropz.

FaZe Clan is poised to take on ENCE in the semifinals of CS2 Asia Championships 2023 on 12th November. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top with fans backing FaZe to continue its swashbuckling streak and come out on top undefeated.

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