FaZe Clan and NIP Set Record for Longest CS2 Match on LAN

It was a never ending roller-coaster.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>FaZe Clan And NIP Set Record For Longest CS2 Match On LAN</p></div>
FaZe Clan And NIP Set Record For Longest CS2 Match On LAN


FaZe Clan faced Ninjas in Pyjamas in their opening match of the CS2 Asia Championships 2023.
The best-of-one series between the two teams has set the record for the longest CS2 match on LAN.
FaZe Clan ended up wining this record-breaking CS2 match against NIP on Ancient in the fifth overtime.

The ongoing CS2 Asia Championships 2023 has witnessed a new record being created as FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas played a total of 53 rounds on Ancient during their best-of-one opening match.

An exciting clash took place between the two European lineups and it was a spectacle to behold. The teams traded rounds across multiple overtimes before the match finally went in favor of FaZe Clan who brought the intense exchange to a close with the scoreboard reading 28-25.

Another outcome of the match was the creation of a new record as FaZe Clan and NIP ended up playing the longest Counter-Strike 2 match on LAN in Shanghai, China.

FaZe Clan vs Ninjas in Pyjamas: Record Set for Longest CS2 Match on LAN

FaZe Clan has stepped into the new CS2 era of competition determined to break and set a few records to their name.

During the IEM Sydney 2023, FaZe Clan showcased its prowess by winning the tournament and also secured the first-ever 13-0 sweep in CS2 by handing a humiliating defeat to ENCE on Anubis.

Not even a month later, FaZe Clan set another record for playing and winning the longest CS2 match on LAN, on 9th November, at the CS2 Asia Championships 2023 which is taking place in Shanghai, China.

It was their first match of the event against Ninjas in Pyjamas on Ancient and what a banger it was. Initially trailing with a two-round deficit in the first half while playing as attackers, FaZe Clan managed to equalize the score by the end of the second half.

Dragging the match into the first overtime, both teams were unaware of the fact that the exchange would end up going for five such overtimes to create a new CS2 record.

  • Regulation Time

    • FaZe Clan: T - 5 Rounds | CT - 7 Rounds

    • NIP: CT - 7 Rounds | T - 5 Rounds

  • Overtime 1

    • FaZe Clan: CT - 2 Rounds | T - 1 Round

    • NIP: T - 1 Round | CT - 2 Rounds

  • Overtime 2

    • FaZe Clan: T - 3 Rounds | CT - 0 Rounds

    • NIP: CT - 0 Rounds | T - 3 Rounds

  • Overtime 3

    • FaZe Clan: CT - 2 Rounds | T - 1 Round

    • NIP: T - 1 Round | CT - 2 Rounds

  • Overtime 4

    • FaZe Clan: T - 2 Rounds | CT - 1 Round

    • NIP: CT - 1 Round | T - 2 Rounds

  • Overtime 5

    • FaZe Clan: CT - 2 Rounds | T - 2 Rounds

    • NIP: T - 1 Round | CT - 0 Rounds

  • Final Score

    • FaZe Clan: 28 Rounds (14 CT | 14 T)

    • NIP: 25 Rounds (12 CT | 13 T)

FaZe Clan vs NIP: Set Record For Longest CS2 Match On LAN

After this match FaZe Clan faced MOUZ in the winners match of their group and defeated them by a 2-1 series score to secure a direct spot in the semifinals of CS2 Asia Championship 2023.

They now wait to face the winners of the quarterfinal match on 12th November continuing their sublime form and hoping to win their third Counter-Strike 2 tournament in a row.

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