Ropz Shares How He Finds Such Unique Smoke Lineups In CS:GO


Ropz Reveals How He Finds Such Unique Smoke Lineups in CS:GO

The art behind some of the most brilliant smokes in the game!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Back when Valve had cheat protected the 'cl_showpos' command, ropz had presented a new method for players to continue perfectly throwing utilities in CS:GO.
Recently ropz shared how he is able to find such interesting lineups in the game, including the "meta-changing" pixel smoke on Dust 2.
Ropz revealed that he still roams around Mirage about 20 times just trying to find something new in some corner.

A few months back Valve had taken the decision to cheat protect the 'cl_showpos' console command, preventing players from utilizing the support system to help lineup their utility throws.

This is when Robin "ropz" Kool presented the entire CS:GO community with a new method to continue perfectly throwing all utilities without being dependent on the above command. Additionally, ropz had also shared how to throw what he describes as a "meta-changing" pixel smoke on Dust 2.

Talking about how he goes about finding such unique smoke lineups, in an interview with HLTV, ropz admitted that it is because of his interest in CS:GO that he is able to find such bizarre smokes which in turn gives him a competitive edge.

Ropz shares how he manages to find so many crazy smoke lineups in CS:GO

The 22-year-old ,who has been enjoying a 100% win rate with FaZe Clan so far, seems to be extremely dedicated towards CS:GO, as he spends a lot of time finding some really interesting smoke lineups in the game.

Ropz calling his Dust 2 smoke meta-changing

Sharing how he found the brilliant pixel smoke on Dust 2, ropz revealed that coming across the fast 'X Box' smoke was completely random.

"I was testing some stuff on Dust 2 and I noticed a decoy got stuck in 'X Box', so I figured out a way we could throw it from 'T-Spawn' as it popped extremely fast," said ropz, while adding "I would say it’s a bit of a meta-changing smoke."

The talented Estonian rifler further went on to explain why he is so keen on finding such utility lineups, "I’m still interested in how far you can push the limits in CS:GO, I’m always very keen on that and it’s extremely exciting to find new stuff even after all these years that people have played the game."

Providing an example for the same ropz said that even though Mirage has been round for more than 10 years, he still runs around the map 20 times just trying to find something new in some nook or corner.

Having already won IEM Katowice 2022 and ESL Pro League Season 15 with FaZe Clan, ropz is showing his true potential as a top-tier lurker, playing his role to perfection and contributing well to the team's success in 2022 so far.

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