Ropz Talks About All CS:GO Offers He Received Last Year


Ropz Talks About All the CS:GO Offers He Received Before Joining FaZe

Ropz had many offers but in the end he went with Karrigan.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FaZe Clan has kicked off the 2022 competitive season on a winning high and ropz has played a crucial role in the team's success.
Talking about the CS:GO offers he received last year in an interview with Dexerto, ropz said that "I think there was a team or two that was even ready to pay like an astronomical amount".
Ropz who took a pay cut transferring from MOUZ to FaZe Clan said that it is not something significant and does not affect him or his performance.

FaZe Clan's CS:GO lineup has been delivering on point, as they enjoy a great start to the 2022 competitive season. They have already qualified for the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022, followed by a win at the first LAN tournament of the year - IEM Katowice 2022.

One main reason behind the team's success after a mediocre season last year has been the addition of the Estonian rifler Robin "ropz" Kool, who joined the team in January 2022 replacing Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer on the active lineup.

Ropz might have followed in the footsteps of his former and current IGL (in-game leader) Finn "karrigan" Andersen, but this was not the only offer that had come his way. The 22-year-old had propositions from multiple teams and organizations, something he further expands upon in his recent interview with Dexerto.

Ropz talks about the various CS:GO offers that he received last year

Karrigan had left MOUZ in February 2021, returning to FaZe Clan after a gap of almost two years. At that point in time, there were discussions taking place about ropz potentially moving to FaZe along with karrigan.

Speaking on the situation ropz explained that due to his contract situation, the negotiation became difficult and the transfer did not take place. However, it was not the only offer that came his way, "Definitely there were options back then. I think there was a team or two that was ready to pay like an astronomical amount".

But ropz did not end up making the switch as he did not really see it being a worthy transfer. For him, it made sense for to continue with the existing MOUZ lineup. Unfortunately, the rest of the season did not pan out as expected with the team going on to win just two CS:GO tournaments - Snow Sweet Snow #3 and Flashpoint Season 3.

Flashpoint Season 3 Champions - Ropz, Frozen, Bymas, Acor, Dexter

Towards the end of the 2021 competitive season, ropz received an offer from G2 Esports who were looking to undergo a massive overhaul.

"We were discussing some things, but we never really got to talk about specific things. It was going to be a very tough thing to figure out and it was also the main reason why I probably went to FaZe," explained ropz.

The talented rifler considered the fact that G2 was about to undergo multiple role changes and it could lead to a lot of confusion, so he dropped that proposal along with some other offers about which he was quite uncertain.

"I was sure that whatever team approached me, FaZe was always going to be a very safe place for me because I fit perfectly into the lineup," said ropz. He also emphasized on the fact that having played under karrigan before acted as a bonus for him.

Touching on the topic of taking a pay cut while moving from MOUZ to FaZe, ropz said that "it is not that significant". It is something that does not affect him or his performance at all.

FaZe is currently competing in the playoffs of the ESL Pro League Season 15 and is all set to go up against NAVI later today at 22:30 IST. They did struggle a bit in the group stage, but seem to have found their rhythm in the final stage of the event.

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