Reckoning Esports Have Been Crowned as Champions of CS:GO Reignite

A promising beginning to restart a classic esports title in India.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Reckoning Esports Crowned Champions Of CS:GO&nbsp;Reignite</p></div>
Reckoning Esports Crowned Champions Of CS:GO&nbsp;Reignite


Reckoning Esports defeated Revenant Esports in the Grand Finals of CS:GO Reignite.
Reckoning Esports went undefeated by winning ten consecutive maps and won the tournament.
Reckoning Esports walked away with INR 65,000 in prize money.

CS:GO Reignite, the first tournament of 2023 for the Valve shooter, took place in India and concluded a few days back on 15th January with Reckoning Esports defeating Revenant Esports in the grand finals. The invitational tournament featured a total prize pool of INR 1,00,000 ($1,209 USD).

Reckoning Esports was crowned as the champion following its undefeated run (4-0) through the group stage and a clean sweep (2-0) in the grand final. Reckoning walked away with INR 65,000 in prize money.

Reckoning Esports go undefeated to win CS:GO Reignite by FanClash

This year is going to witness an attempted revival of classic PC titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO among other games within India. With a similar aim in mind FanClash organized this tournament and broadcasted it live on its official YouTube channel.

Based on a rough YouTube analysis, CS:GO Reignite achieved an average of about 1,742 viewers across seven days of intense competition. The week-long tournament took place from 9th to 15th January witnessing participation from well-known organizations like Hyderabad Hydras, Velocity Gaming, Reckoning Esports, Revenant Esports, and Orangutan.

Split into two phases, the Group Stage followed a round-robin format where each team went against the other once and every match featured a best-of-three series.

CS:GO Reignite - Group Stage Overall Standings

Reckoning Esports and Revenant Esports were the top two teams from the Group Stage with four and three wins respectively. Both team clashed with each other in the Grand Finals for the championship title.

It was clear that Reckoning was far ahead of the other teams competing in this tournament as it qualified for the Grand Finals without dropping a single map and won all four of its Group Stage matches with a '2-0' scoreline.

Revenant only dropped one match on its way to the Grand Finals and that was against Reckoning. Revenant went '6-3', in terms of map wins and losses, to once again face the undefeated top dogs.

As expected, the last match of the tournament was a short-lived affair with Reckoning handing Revenant a clean sweep and going undefeated all the way through in this tournament by winning 10 consecutive maps.

  • Mirage | Reckoning 16-6

  • Inferno | Reckoning 16-6

Only the top two teams were awarded a part of the total prize pool. Reckoning Esports received INR 65,000 while Revenant Esports walked away with INR 35,000.

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