Kosovan Prime Minister Visits Bad News Eagles Bootcamp Before Antwerp Major


Prime Minister of Kosovo Visits Bad News Eagles Bootcamp Ahead of Antwerp Major

Bad News Eagles have a lot of support going into the Major.

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Albin Kurti - Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo visited the bootcamp of Bad News Eagles ahead of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.
He was accompanied by Daulina Osmani - Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo for this visit.
It was a congratulatory visit where the future of esports in Kosovo was also discussed and further meetings on the topic will likely take place.

It is quite the historic achievement for Bad News Eagles (BNE) to qualify for the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, as it is the first-ever team from Kosovo to achieve this feat for which it has been congratulated by Albin Kurti - Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo.

Proud of the Albanian-Kosovar team, Kurti following his congratulatory message visited the team's bootcamp personally earlier today on 3rd May. He was accompanied by Daulina Osmani - Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo.

The visit comes just days ahead of the Antwerp Major which is scheduled to start from 9th May, providing a necessary morale boost to the entire team while also paving the way for the future of esports within the country.

Multiple high ranking government officials visit Bad News Eagles bootcamp ahead of Antwerp Major

Both the Kosovan Prime Minister and the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo visited BNE at their bootcamp earlier today. While a lot of photos were shared on social media and congratulatory messages were written, the purpose of this visit was not clearly specified.

A statement by BNE's entry fragger Flatron "juanflatroo" Halimi revealed that the future of esports was discussed during this visit. Being the first team from the country to make it to a CS:GO Major and putting Kosovo's name on the map, it does make sense for the government to work in tandem with the players for creating a sustainable ecosystem that can help the next generation of athletes.

Prime Minister of Kosovo with the jersey of Bad News Eagles

Besnik Thaqi - Vice President of Kosovo Esports Federation also made a Tweet regarding this visit, stating that it was meant as a congratulatory meeting for what the team had achieved while also wishing them the best for the main event.

"There will be other meetings regarding the future of esports [in Kosovo]," added Thaqi, as other players from BNE also came forward with a message regarding the meeting which seems to have given them a confidence boost.

The team from Kosovo continues to compete without the support of an organization, heading into the Antwerp Major after having secured the second last slot through the European RMR B.

It will be interesting to see how far the BNE players are able to push themselves, as they shall face off against the Turkish lineup of Eternal Fire in their opening bout all set to take place on 9th May.

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