PGL Hints at Stockholm Being Confirmed as The CS:GO Major Location


PGL Hints at Stockholm Being Confirmed as the CS:GO Major Location

Swedish authorities are successful at retaining the CS:GO Major in Stockholm.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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PGL drops a major hint that the upcoming CS:GO Major might be taking place in Stockholm itself.
This comes after the Swedish authorities were able to fulfill both the primary demands set forth by the organizers.
PGL will be releasing an official announcement on 17th September to give their official verdict on the situation.

The upcoming CS:GO Major, which is being organized by PGL, has been a rollercoaster of a ride for the entire community. The grand tournament has gone from moving out of Sweden, to confirming the selection of alternate venues, to Swedish authorities finally doing everything possible to ensure that the originally planned PGL Major Stockholm 2021 actually takes place as intended.

Though an official update on the situation has still not been made by PGL, the organizers have said that the community can expect one to be published on 17th September. Having said that, PGL dropped a massive hint that the CS:GO Major will be played in Stockholm itself as they tweeted the flag of Sweden.

PGL drops a huge hint that the upcoming CS:GO Major will be taking place in Stockholm

The CS:GO community has been through a lot emotionally when it comes to the highly awaited Major, that might be taking place in Stockholm as hinted by PGL earlier today. An official statement about the same is expected to be made by the organizers today on 17th September.

It all started with PGL running into some communication troubles with Swedish authorities in July, who were not giving a proper response on the future of the CS:GO Major. PGL’s CEO Silviu Stroie at that point in time had said that as there was no new development, they could change the venue from Sweden any day.

This was followed by the Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr writing a letter to both the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Sports, in support of hosting the CS:GO Major in Sweden. She even highlighted the positive effects that PGL Major Stockholm 2021 can have on Sweden.

The Swedish Esports Federation also submitted a proposal from its side on 16th July. Together these efforts resulted in the Sports Minister of Sweden - Amanda Lind inviting both PGL and Valve for a meeting regarding the CS:GO Major.

This discussion resulted in PGL coming forward with two important deadlines that Swedish authorities had to meet in order for the authorities to conduct the CS:GO Major in Stockholm.

  1. The first deadline is directly related to the change in Sweden's temporary entry ban restriction which will allow all the players and people supporting the event to enter the country. This amendment is supposed to be enforced by 23rd August, according to PGL.

  2. The second deadline affects the live audience numbers for the CS:GO Major. PGL is hoping that the indoor restrictions for this tournament will be lifted by 15th September and that they would be able to fill Avicii Arena to its full capacity.

Avicii Arena - Location for PGL CS:GO Major Stockholm

The Swedish authorities went on to meet both the deadlines, first relaxing the travel restrictions for CS:GO players from 23rd August onwards, and then removing restrictions against spectators at public gatherings.

Finally, everything had been achieved by the Swedish authorities to allow the CS:GO Major to take place in Stockholm without any problems. An official statement on the situation is all that the community patiently awaits now.

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