CS:GO Pros Allowed Entry Within Sweden Amid Temporary Ban For PGL Major Stockholm 2021


PGL CS:GO Major Stockholm Gets Boost as Sweden Removes Spectator Restrictions

The second request put forth by PGL has also been met by the Swedish authorities!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Swedish authorities have further relaxed restrictions by announcing the removal of spectator restrictions at public gatherings and events.
With this, PGL will be allowed to fill the entire Avicii Arena to its full capacity without any problems.
The relaxation will be implemented from 29th September onwards and an official statement from PGL is eagerly awaited by the entire community.

The PGL CS:GO Major Stockholm has received a massive boost as its second request has now been met by the Swedish authorities, who have further relaxed restrictions in Sweden by announcing the removal of spectator restrictions from events and public gatherings. The announcement was made during a press conference by Minister of Social Affairs, Lena Hallengren yesterday on 7th September.

"Restrictions will be lifted on 29th September, in accordance with the government's plan," said Hallengren, as quoted by Tidningen Näringslivet. While the action might not be commencing from the deadline put forward by PGL - 15th September, a verbal commitment has been made by Swedish authorities well in advance. This goes on to show the commitment of the local authorities to ensure that the CS:GO Major takes place in Stockholm itself.

Sweden meets PGL's second requirement by removing spectator restrictions

Swedish authorities had met PGL's first requirement by relaxing the travel restrictions imposed against esports athletes. The travel relaxations came into effect from 23rd August onwards, as esports tournaments were now recognized under international elite sports competitions.

With this, the first requirement was met right on the deadline set by PGL, but the announcement was made on 19th August itself.

Now, almost three weeks later, the Swedish authorities have come forward to announce the removal of spectator restrictions from tournaments, cultural events, and any other type of public gatherings. This will come into effect from 29th September, which is 15 days over PGL's deadline, but its implementation has been assured well in advance by Hallengren.

This means that PGL does not need to worry about a limited live audience for the Stockholm Major, as they will be able to fill the entire Avicii Arena to its full capacity without any problems.

Avicii Arena - Location for PGL CS:GO Major Stockholm

However, PGL has not come forward with an official statement from their side so far, to confirm Stockholm as the venue for the upcoming CS:GO Major.

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