One of the Worst CS2 Bugs Has Finally Been Fixed by Valve


One of the Worst CS2 Bugs Has Finally Been Fixed by Valve

If you are still bad, guess it was a skill issue!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The desynchronization problem of audio and video in CS2 has been taken care of by Valve developers.
The issue caused due to the sub-tick system was fixed in the 9th November update rolled out by Valve.
Now things like movement acceleration and muzzle flash will now always render in the next frame.

Valve has addressed a major issue affecting Counter-Strike 2 players, stemming from the recent sub-tick system. This update resolves the audio and video desynchronization problem, a primary source of gameplay complaints.

The November 9th update has fixed the persistent issue of animations lagging behind player actions. This improvement could significantly enhance the gameplay experience and potentially conclude debates regarding Counter-Strike 2's perceived inferiority to CS:GO.

Valve Resolves CS2 Input Lag Problem

Valve's introduction of a new sub-tick system in Counter-Strike 2, aimed at enhancing the accuracy of bullet shots and other inputs, initially faced a significant drawback. Players discovered that while the system improved bullet registration accuracy, the corresponding audio and video feedback was delayed, registering in the subsequent frame.

This delay caused players to perceive a lack of synchronicity between their actions and the game's audio-visual feedback.

To solve this, Valve has adjusted the audio and video in such a way that it will now play on the following frame. Things like movement acceleration and muzzle flash will now always render in the next frame.

A community member has already illustrated the issue's impact pre and post-update. It details out what the actual problem was and how has it been treated by the developers so that the player does not feel that momentary disconnect.

Other issues related to gameplay solved by developers in the same update were inconsistent jump height being faced by players after they press a movement key immediately after jumping, aligning bullet spread between the client and server to further help with visual feedback, allowing parties of four to queue for matchmaking, and a lot more.

It is great how the developers are taking in all the feedback and rolling out updates every other day to make CS2 the best version of the game till date. There are still a lot of things on teh checklist but it is defintely getting a bit smaller with each passing update.

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