Nvidia Seemingly Leaks CS:GO 2 in Driver Update

Abhimannu Das
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Counter-Strike 2


NVIDIA's new driver files reference CS:GO and CS:GO 2 but we do not know what they mean.
There are two specific executable files that the game profiles referenced - “csgo2.exe” and “csgo.exe”.
While NVIDIA leaks have come true in the past, players should wait for Valve's official confirmation.

A new NVIDIA driver update just dropped and players discovered something fishy hidden within the files. A few lines of code referring to Counter-Strike 2 were found by keen-eyed NVIDIA users which have sent fans into a tizzy.  While the leak is promising, we don’t know if Valve really is working on a sequel to CS:GO.

NVIDIA leaks have been hit or miss historically

In the new driver update, fans noticed that there are Counter-Strike 2 game profiles that were added to the game in February. It explicitly states “Counter-Strike 2” so it’s not some fans taking the letters “csgo” out of context. There are two specific executable files that the game profiles referenced - “csgo2.exe” and “csgo.exe”.

There was a massive leak from the NVIDIA servers that revealed that a number of PlayStation games were coming to PC and it also mentioned the release of various unannounced games. A large number of those leaked games did get announced, which lends credence to the new Counter-Strike 2 leak but there are also many NVIDIA leaks that are yet to come true.

Returnal, God of War, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Edition, Resident Evil 4 Remake and various other titles were leaked through NVIDIA and they have been officially announced for PC. Unlike the server leak, the new Counter-Strike 2 leak is publicly available information as long as you dig into the game files so the information from NVIDIA’s servers is legitimate, but we do not know if it is true.

We could have CS:GO getting rebranded as a new game altogether with a “next-gen” update or we could get a new game altogether. Everything is just speculation for now so players should temper their expectations accordingly. Until Valve actually confirms the release of Counter-Strike 2, players should take all leaks with a massive grain of salt.

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