CS:GO Themed Wordle Spinoff Created

Now There's a Wordle For CS:GO Fans: Meet CS:GOrdle

A game that puts your knowledge of CS:GO weapon skins to the ultimate test.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A CS:GO themed Wordle spinoff has been created where users can guess gun skins called 'CS:GOrdle'.
The CS:GO weapon skin guessing word game has gone viral across the Counter-Strike community.
The game gives eight chances to a user to guess the name of the gun skin by narrowing down their predictions by correctly guessing certain parameters.

A simple word guessing web-based game called Wordle had taken the world by storm recently, becoming so popular that it was eventually bought by the New York Times. Since then many spinoffs of the game title have been created based on various themes.

Following this trend a talented developer who is also a Counter-Strike fan created a CS:GO version of Wordle where users have to guess the name of gun skins.

The game called 'CS:GOrdle' is a tinkered version of the tried and tested format used by Wordle. It caters specifically to the CS:GO audience, as players try to guess the name of the mystery gun skin by trying to figure out the specifications of the weapon, narrowing down their choices in an attempt to guess the correct weapon skin.

CS:GO Wordle spinoff created that allows players to guess gun skins

A CS:GO themed skin guessing game based on a format inspired from Wordle has been created by a passionate developer, and it has gone absolutely viral across the Counter-Strike community.

CS:GO-Wordle Spinoff

The web-based game is very easy to understand and a user is able to get a hold of it pretty easily. Instead of directly typing out the name of the weapon skin based on some hints and clues, the user has to guess it by finding out certain parameters of the skin which are as follows,

  • Condition

  • Category

  • Weapon

  • Rarity

  • Paint

  • Price

A user will have a total of eight attempts to narrow down certain parameters related to the weapon skin and make their guesses based on it.

A certain level of knowledge about gun skins in CS:GO is required to enjoy the game, otherwise, the user will not be able to make accurate guesses. They should also be aware of how certain categories affect a weapon skin and how one parameter could correlate with the other, as this makes it easier to predict what the mystery gun skin could be.

As evident from the video above, a correct category guess results in the box that is shaped like a case turning green in colour, if it is an incorrect guess the box turns red, and unlike Wordle some categories like 'Price' and 'Condition' even point out if the user should guess higher or lower.

According to the developer, at this point in time only CS:GO gun skins are a part of this game, knives are not included as there were just too many of them and it made the game quite boring.

A few things to keep in mind are,

  • Weapon skins are not StatTrak/Souvenir.

  • The 'Price' category of the skins is using Bitskins API.

  • Players have options like 'Skin Info' and 'Show Hint'.

  • The game can be played in two modes 'Free Play' and 'Daily Version'.

The CS:GO community had a few suggestions for the developer and they have already started being implemented in the game, one of them being the addition of the 'Show Hint' option.

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