Nitr0 Reveals Why He Switched To IGL Role In CS:GO


Nitr0 Reveals Why He Switched Roles in CS:GO From Entry Fragger to IGL

From a monster entry fragger to Captain America of NA Counter-Strike!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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At the beginning of his career, nitr0 was an entry fragger in CS:GO known for his raw skill and fragging output.
He transitioned from the role of an entry fragger to IGL after becoming a part of Team Liquid.
The biggest reason, according to nitr0, for taking on the role of an IGL was that he wanted to help his team win.

One of the best In-Game Leaders (IGL) from North America to play CS:GO, Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, has a legacy that only a few players can achieve and live up to. It is a journey that takes courage to tread upon, demanding sacrifice, hard work, and a whole lot of perseverance.

Since starting out as a professional player in CS:GO, one of the biggest changes that nitr0 has gone through has been to give up the role of an entry fragger and turn into an IGL.

In a mini-documentary about him released by Team Liquid, nitr0 goes on to reveal why he decided to undergo this role change in CS:GO despite being one of the best individually skilled players at the time.

Nitr0 shares why he decided to switch roles from entry fragger to an IGL in CS:GO

During the early phase of his career in 2014, nitr0 had started out as an entry fragger known for his raw skill. He teamed up with Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski in 2015 under the banner of Team Liquid and the duo went on to become a terrific pair of riflers.

Despite being the top-seeded team in North America, Liquid was far from being a threat to the international teams and some type of a change was in order. This took shape in the form of nitr0 making the ultimate sacrifice and becoming the IGL for the side.

"For a long time he had thrown around the idea of in-game leading but I think he was nervous to take on that role," says Harper Cannella - nitr0's wife, "He knew that like stats-wise he would kind of like suffer as an in-game leader, like his stats would take a back seat."

But nitr0 was locked in, ready to make the greater sacrifice for the team and not focus entirely on his individual gameplay. "I think the biggest reason for me wanting to become an IGL was probably [that] I just wanted to win," points out nitr0.

This decision was backed by the management and Steve "jokasteve" Perino, general manager for Team Liquid, was actually the one who suggested nitr0 should go down this path, "I felt when I talked to Nick for him to extend his career he needed to take over way more leadership roles and responsibilities."

Jokasteve on nitr0

Fortunately, it all seemed to workout for Team Liquid especially in 2019 when the team was literally unstoppable, winning five CS:GO tournaments in a row along with the Intel Grand Slam Season 2, and becoming the top ranked CS:GO team in the world.

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