Nitr0 Explains Importance of an AWPer for Team Liquid


Nitr0 Explains Importance of an AWPer for Team Liquid's CS:GO Roster

Liquid finally has a great AWPer and has no intention of going back.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Nitr0 explains why an AWPer is important for a CS:GO team and why Team Liquid wanted one ahead of the 2022 season.
He also talked about oSee's performance with Team Liquid, praising him for his recent showing at the American RMR.
Team Liquid will be going up against Evil Geniuses later tonight with the winner securing a slot in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

Team Liquid underwent a massive overhaul coming into the 2022 competitive season. While the team has not posted any great results so far, all the players seem to be enjoying their time together, improving with each passing tournament.

Three big changes that Liquid underwent ahead of the current season was signing Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella who returned to CS:GO from Valorant, getting the French veteran Richard "shox" Papillon for international experience, and making sure that they add a dedicated AWPer with Joshua "oSee" Ohm joining the roster.

Speaking about the importance of a good marksman when it comes to Liquid, nitr0 in a recent interview with remarked "I'm feeling nowadays in CS:GO the AWPer is the star on most teams. I think having like that star AWPer is really important when making a new team."

Nitr0 talks about the importance of an AWPer for Team Liquid's CS:GO team

Team Liquid finally got their hands on a talented AWPer from North America, oSee, who has been improving with each tournament that Liquid competes in. So far this year he has held an overall HLTV rating of 1.13 with a KPR (Kills Per Round) of 0.72 and a DPR (Deaths Per Round) of just 0.61, ensuring that he is contributing positively to the team's efforts.

oSee has been putting up good performance for Liquid

Explaining how important it was for Liquid when it came to obtaining a dedicated AWPer ahead of the 2022 season, nitr0 revealed that when they were looking to create a new team there was not a hint of doubt about getting someone to operate 'the big green'.

"We can’t have a rifle/hybrid anymore because the AWPers are too good, and it just seems nowadays it's the only thing that can stop a really good rifle half the time," emphasized nitr0, while adding that it was a no brainer to sign oSee when it came to signing such a player for the team.

Speaking specifically about the 22-year-old talented marksman, nitr0 praised him for his recent performance against Team oNe eSports during the ongoing PGL Major Antwerp 2022: American RMR (Regional Major Rankings) where he held an overall rating HLTV of 2.16.

"He's been doing really good so far. I think he had a 3.0 rating, which is insane in my opinion, and this is the qualification for the Major so it does have a lot of weight. He's gonna keep on doing good for sure," said nitr0.

Team Liquid is currently competing in the American RMR where they are set to go up against Evil Geniuses later today with the winners confirming a slot for themselves in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

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