Report: Device CS:GO Buyout Fee Is In Six Figures


NIP Reportedly Offers Device to CS:GO Teams With Six Figure Transfer Fee

Which CS:GO team is ready to cough up a six figure amount for an inactive player?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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New reports suggest that NIP has offered the services of device to CS:GO teams.
The asking transfer amount for device is allegedly a six figure amount of €600,000 EUR.

There has recently been a lot of talk surrounding the future and potential return of Nicolai "device" Reedtz to the active CS:GO roster of Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP).

While no statements have been made by any of the parties involved, certain reports have surfaced which could have a significant impact if true.

A few days back, it was speculated that device is in initial talks with multiple CS:GO teams as he has started exploring options outside of the Swedish esports organization.

Now a few days later, has come forward with a report claiming that NIP has itself offered device to several teams with the transfer amount allegedly being €600,000 EUR which is roughly $599,721 USD or INR 4,77,99,899.

Report: NIP has offered device to CS:GO teams with an asking price of €600,000

The Danish star AWPer, device, who was one of the finest CS:GO players until two years ago, decided to make a switch in April last year from Astralis to NIP. This decision had sent shockwaves through the entire CS:GO community, but the 26-year-old seemed confident in his choice.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a downward spiral for him personally and professionally, resulting in him stepping away from the competitive circuit and taking a break in order to get things in order for the sake of his mental well being.

Since the break in December, eight months have passed but there has been no news about device regarding his future or returning to the active CS:GO roster of NIP.

On top of all this, reports have come in that device has started searching for other options, initiating talks with several teams with a focus on him coming as a part of their active roster.

Further developing on this report, it seems even NIP has offered the services of device to other teams with an asking price of €600,000 EUR, which is close to his reported transfer amount when moving from Astralis to NIP.

However, it needs to be taken into consideration that back then device actually had a lot of worth and promise attached to his name, whereas right now a big cloud of uncertainty looms over his gameplay and performance because he has been away from the competitive scene for more than half a season.

No doubt device has been grinding the game hard on FACEIT, playing CS:GO on and off since February 2022 and taking a more serious approach since the start of this month. But then again, is this enough to justify the alleged transfer fee?

Device grinding CS:GO on FACEIT

The road ahead for device and NIP certainly looks interesting. While the former is reportedly in search of a new home, the latter looks settled with its current CS:GO lineup. If the reports turn out to be true, which team may cough up his current buyout amount?

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