NBK Explains Why He Returned to CS:GO With MOUZ


NBK Reveals Why He Returned to CS:GO With MOUZ, Talks About Team's Future

'The Kingmaker' has returned to try and reach the top once again.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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NBK came out of retirement to join MOUZ's CS:GO team for the 2022 season, abandoning his plans to compete in Valorant.
The French veteran in a personal interview went on to reveal why he joined MOUZ, what he brings to the table, and the team's goals for the year ahead.
NBK, labelled as 'The Kingmaker', was acquired by MOUZ after his contract with OG came to an end with the arrival of 2022.

The French Counter-Strike veteran Nathan "NBK" Schmitt announced his return to CS:GO a few days back on 7th January, by joining the German esports organization MOUZ for free as his contract with OG came to end with the arrival of 2022.

NBK had been benched by OG in February 2021 following a lackluster run. Shortly thereafter the 27-year-old had announced his retirement from the game while switching over to Valorant. Despite grinding the game and even getting a few opportunities, he felt that something was missing, this is when he was presented with an offer to join MOUZ.

In a personal statement he goes on to reveal why he accepted this proposal, what he brings to the table, and the team's goals for the 2022 competitive season.

NBK talks about why he decided to join MOUZ and what the team aims to achieve in 2022

The two-time CS:GO Major winner, NBK, who had retired from the game and made up his mind to try his hand in Valorant, is back to square one. After more than 10 months away from the game, he has returned to compete once again, this time with MOUZ.

MOUZ announces NBK's return to CS:GO

Speaking about why he decided to accept this offer, NBK reflects that he found the right environment and balance with the roster MOUZ had assembled. He got the exact position in the roster that he had wanted, where he could help the framework from the outside while having full trust in Christopher "dexter" Nong to lead the team.

Additionally, NBK also believes that this team has the potential to win championships going forward. This is an important factor for him because despite getting opportunities in Valorant and practicing with multiple teams, he always felt as if there was some element missing.

At this point in my career, I really want to be in a place where I believe in everyone and in winning trophies more than anything.
Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt - Personal Statement

Having made up his mind to not pursue a career in Valorant and returning to compete in CS:GO instead, NBK shed some light on what he brings to the table and the direction in which this new MOUZ roster is heading as they go into the 2022 competitive season.

While NBK wants to perform to the best of his abilities and become the player that he once was, he also aims to bring a winning culture, direction, and framework to the team, so he can help everyone develop to their highest potential. Once everyone is executing to the best of their abilities, NBK believes they will be ready to go up against all the top teams in the world. So the focus will lie on making this aspiration a reality.

As for the team's goal, NBK said that though it has not been discussed so far MOUZ will be aiming at the long run, always grinding to constantly improve their performance, team experience, and trying to do a little bit better than before.

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