NAF Wants Major AWP Nerf In CS:GO


NAF Wants Major AWP Nerf in CS:GO Ahead of 2022 Competitive Season

The Liquid rifler has some ideas to share!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Liquid rifler Keith "NAF" Markovic shares his thoughts on what change would he like to make in CS:GO ahead of the 2022 competitive season.
The lurker suggested a major AWP nerf, suggesting that the weapon's price in CS:GO be raised from $4750 to $6000.
NAF reasoned that raising the weapon's price would make it a more riskier purchase while also affecting the overall gameplay associated with and around it.

In recent times there has been an on and off debate within the community about the AWP requiring some sort of a nerf to make the weapon more balanced. The point raised more often than not is its ability to single-handedly break the opposition and how all the top teams face success due to talented marksmen in their unit, which often takes away a lot from the game.

A similar idea was shared by Team Liquid rifler Keith "NAF" Markovic during an interview with Pley, that if it was up to him to make a change in CS:GO he would want the bolt action sniper to be nerfed by raising its in-game price to $6000.

NAF shares a suggestion for implementing a major AWP nerf in CS:GO

The 24-year-old lurker who has been having a great time within the server lately, recently extended his contract with Team Liquid until 2024. Happy with his decision, NAF also shared his interesting take on the AWP which might not go down too well with a portion of the CS:GO community.

Right now, the in-game cost of the AWP is $4750 which makes it the most expensive weapon to purchase. However, NAF wants this price to go even higher to $6000 which would exponentially increase the risk associated with using the weapon, while also making it tough for a team to get their hands on it in the first place.

The current price of AWP in CS:GO is $4750

NAF spoke about this suggestion and expressed his desire to see it in CS:GO,

One thing that I honestly kinda thought about, my people (teammates) would probably hate it but, as you can see a lot of players at the top who are statistically the best, a lot of them are AWPers. So in my opinion, I think they should maybe raise the price of the AWP potentially, I was thinking maybe around like $6000 or something like that. Because at the end of the day, it just seems like the AWPers if they are setup correctly, they always end up on top.
Keith "NAF" Markovic - Interview with Pley

He went on mention that the only rifler that might end up competing with the AWPers or even beating them is Nikola "NiKo" Kovač. As for the reason behind raising the weapon's price, NAF thinks that it would make it a more riskier purchase while also affecting the overall gameplay associated with and around the weapon.

Note: NAF's part starts from 1:04.

While it is a really big jump in terms of a weapon's price, some in the community believed that raising it to $5500 and testing how it affects the overall gameplay would be a good thing for Valve to try out. A few others also thought that NAF's ideology towards the AWP was a direct result of Team Liquid playing without a competent marksman since years.

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