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More Counter-Strike 2 Leaks Surface, This Time From Valve Itself

Abhimannu Das
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Counter Strike Source 2 is not a brand-new game, but a recreation of CSGO itself within a different engine.
New files have been added to Counter Strike's pre-release branch by Valve and they are connected to the Source 2 engine and its workshop.
The game is expected to release by the end of March 2023.

Counter-Strike 2’s release is imminent at this point with even more leaks surfacing. This time, it is Valve that “leaked” information about the game. It has been confirmed that it is not a brand-new game, but a recreation of CSGO itself within the Source 2 engine. We may be seeing the new version of CSGO in the next major content update. According to SteamDB’s developer “Aquarius”, there are new CSGO files containing Source 2 code in the new pre-release branch on 14th March.

Counter-Strike 2 is an upgrade to CSGO, not a brand-new game

The files added in the pre-release branch by Valve are connected to the Source 2 engine and its workshop. CS:GO is getting a Source 2 port which means that we can expect some technical upgrades but the core game will continue to be the same. The next update is not confirmed to contain the Source 2 upgrade, at least until an official announcement is made, but all leaks point toward an imminent release this month. 

Leaker “Gabe Follower” stated that, “engine upgrades are not meant to make the game look or play better, they are meant to make it work better and make it easier to develop new content, especially for people from the community. Don't expect anything unreal.”

The game was also leaked in a Dota 2 patch where players discovered game files from CS2 including maps, skins, and keys. There are numerous reports that have surfaced that Counter-Strike 2 is real and is expected to arrive “very soon”. 

Valve’s team has been prioritizing the game in recent times and the team that is working on the new Counter-Strike game contains members who have worked on previous iterations of the Counter-Strike franchise.

In a recent NVIDIA driver update, fans noticed that there were Counter-Strike 2 game profiles that were added in February. There are leaks suggesting that the new update could drop around 28th March so we are just two weeks away from the game’s potential release.

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