KennyS Talks About Modern Style Of Using AWP In CS:GO


KennyS on Modern Passive Style of AWPing in CS:GO "Change Is Really Good"

One of the all-time greats comments on the current AWP meta.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In a recent interview, kennyS gave his opinion on the current passive style of playing with an AWP in CS:GO.
According to him, all these changes in playstyle simply boil down to the current meta of CS:GO and he considers it to be for the best.
KennyS acknowledged that he did bring a revolution with his aggressive playstyle, but so will someone else with a different playstyle in the future.

There was an era in CS:GO when AWPing was much more than just holding angles and playing passive positions. It was a lot more quicker, flashier, fluid, and impactful.

Back then a talented French player, Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, completely changed the way how an AWP was meant to be used and is still credited with revolutionizing the purpose of this weapon in the game.

Over the years many gameplay related changes took place and the AWP became passive in comparison to its early variant. During a recent interview with Jaxon, kennyS presented his opinion on the modern AWPing meta while also comparing it to his aggressive playstyle.

KennyS gives his opinion on the modern style of playing with an AWP in CS:GO

One of the best CS:GO players ever to have played with the AWP at the highest level, kennyS, despite having stepped away from the competitive circuit for well over a year now still feels connected to the game.

While comparing the current passive way of AWPing to the more aggressive playstyle from the past, kennyS remarked that all of these changes simply boil down to the meta which has changed a lot and he considers this to be for the best.

"In all honesty, I've been pretty far from it. But from what I see, AWPers are not performing as well. Stats performances are not related to AWPing, as much as it was before," said kennyS from his personal observation while talking about the current meta, which has promoted a more passive form of AWPing that still makes the weapon a potent threat but drastically prevents players from exploding with it.

Comparing with his aggressive playstyle, kennyS simply pointed out that in the future there might be a completely different AWP style, further explaining that "When I arrived, I brought my aggressive playstyle. That was a real revolution. But at the end of the day, someone else will do the same with a different playstyle. And that’s why change is really good. You get diversity."

He went on to speak about a few AWPers who were his current favorites and what in particular he liked about them, before moving on to the topic of his future.

All he said regarding this was that though he loved Counter-Strike and misses playing on the stage, he doesn't know when he will be back on the big stage.

As for Valorant, he simply said that "I don’t think I’m going to go pro in VALORANT. Never say never. I’ve learned to never close doors. But it is not happening now."

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