K0nfig Reveals The Real Story Behind His Injuries


K0nfig Reveals Why He Left Astralis and Real Story Behind His Injuries

Misadventures of a night, lesson for a lifetime.

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In a public statement, k0nfig told the true story behind how he broke and dislocated his leg.
K0nfig also gave an update about his injury and spoke about what he plans on doing next.
Giving an update on the situation in Malta, k0nfig revealed that an investigation was currently underway by the local authorities.

It has been mutually decided between Astralis and Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke that his player contract be terminated as he parts ways with the Danish esports organization.

This decision was taken due to personal issues that the 25-year-old is currently facing in his personal life, following an unfortunate incident that occurred with him during his stay in Malta for the ESL Pro League Season 16.

Through a TwitLonger post, k0nfig goes on to explain his side of the story which reveals the reason behind his grievous injuries and the truth behind why he is leaving the active CS:GO roster of Astralis.

K0nfig reveals the story behind how he sustained such grievous injuries

Astralis had travelled to Malta, Europe last month to compete at the ESL Pro League Season 16. The Danish lineup failed to qualify for the playoffs and placed fourth in its group, attaining a 13th-16th finish overall.

According to k0nfig, the disappointing performance had saddened everyone on the team and they simply wanted to have some fun in order to pull their thoughts away from the game, "We just wanted to enjoy the last night in Malta before we headed home."

They all went to a few bars and then decided to visit a nightclub, everyone went inside except k0nfig who went to eat something as he was hungry. He arrived at the club 30 mins later and asked someone who seemed to be in charge whether he could join his friends inside, the person responded very rudely and called k0nfig a "tattooed loser".

They got got into an argument after which the person suddenly spat at him and kicked him in his face, "It made me fall down the stairs and sprain my foot. It hurt like hell, but adrenaline, fear and confusion had completely taken over my body, so I didn’t notice it at first. My mouth was swollen, my leg and foot hurt as hell."

But this was not the end, the person left the nightclub in a rush after some time and k0nfig went after him saying that he would report him to the police, after which the person once again spat at him while hurling curses.

This is when the two broke into a fight and the person supposedly broke k0nfig's leg which made him fall to the ground. The person kicked him multiple times on his head while he was laying down, he could not even escape as his leg was broken.

"I tried to run away but i couldn’t put weight on my right leg. It just snapped and broke completely, dislocating my foot as well. He stopped kicking me because i dragged him down to me and I had to do self-defense to make him stop kicking me," states k0nfig.

He goes on to describe this situation as a near-death experience as he just lay there, but luckily someone called him an ambulance which took him to a local hospital. The doctors told him that he had a fracture in his orbital wall (area surrounding the eye) and also that a surgery was needed to put his broken leg back in place.

The player decided to shift to Denmark for the surgery, undergoing two operations that caused him unbearable pain both mental and physical.

"Then late Friday they allowed me to go back home. When I came home i broke down crying. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It felt so f***king bad that I just wanted to delete everything and just give up. I couldn’t stop crying. I was in my own bed feeling empty," described k0nfig.

K0nfig gives an update on his injury

Providing an update on the situation from Malta, k0nfig said that the local authorities were carrying out an investigation against the person who has been tested positive for drugs by the local authorities. On the other hand, k0nfig tested negative for the same and has also been registered as a victim in this case.

Following this incident, k0nfig has taken a step back to focus on himself, not just physically but for some peace of mind as well. This is why he will be taking a bit of a break and will hopefully be back on the server soon.

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