Imperial Esports Signs Chelo To Complete CS:GO Roster


Imperial Esports Signs Chelo From MIBR to Complete CS:GO Roster

The Brazilian roster is all set for the second half of the competitive season.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Imperial Esports has completed its CS:GO roster with the signing of chelo from MIBR.
Chelo was the second highest rated player on MIBR and he has now replaced fnx on the active roster.
As per reports, Imperial Esports bought chelo out of his contract with MIBR for about $200,000 USD.

Imperial Esports has completed its CS:GO roster with the signing of Marcelo "⁠chelo⁠" Cespedes from MIBR. The 24-year-old comes in as a replacement for Lincoln "fnx" Lau, who recently transitioned from being a member of the team's active roster to a coach, also acting as a streamer and content creator for the Brazilian organization.

Chelo is one of the region's most talented entry fraggers and has been a part of MIBR since January 2021. During his time with the previous organization, chelo helped his team perform well in the regional circuit but they failed to produce results in international tournaments.

Imperial Esports aims to reach the IEM Rio Major 2022 at all costs and now chelo has come in to provide a serious upgrade in terms of firepower for the team.

Imperial Esports signs chelo to CS:GO roster as a replacement for fnx

The two time Major champion, fnx, has stepped down as an active player on the Imperial roster to make way for new talent, who will help the team elevate their overall performance.

As the reports state, Imperial has brought in chelo to upgrade its lineup which now boasts increased firepower. It has been speculated that this change did not come cheap, with Imperial allegedly spending about $200,000 USD (INR 1,59,76,100) to acquire the talented rifler out of his contract from MIBR.

So far this season, Chelo has boasted an overall HLTV rating of 1.16, while having an impact rating of 1.25, making him the second highest rated player during his tenure with MIBR. On the other hand, fnx was the lowest rated player on Imperial with a disappointing rating of 0.90 and having almost no impact with a rating of 0.77.

This in itself gives us a good understanding that the decision taken by Imperial Esports was justified. With the new roster set, it will be seen in action at the upcoming ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 followed by the American RMR.

Statement by chelo after joining Imperial Esports

The new Imperial Esports CS:GO team is as follows,

  • Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo - IGL, AWP

  • Fernando "⁠fer⁠" Alvarenga - Rifler (Entry)

  • Ricardo "⁠boltz⁠" Prass - Rifler (Entry)

  • Vinicius "⁠VINI⁠" Figueiredo - Rifler (Support)

  • Marcelo "⁠chelo⁠" Cespedes - Rifler (Entry)

  • Lincoln "⁠fnx⁠" Lau - Coach, Streamer, Content Creator

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