HUNDEN Reveals Alleged Evidence Implicating Former Heroic Players In Coaching Bug Abuse


HUNDEN Reveals Alleged Evidence That May Implicate Former Heroic Players in Coaching Bug Abuse

HUNDEN has released potential evidence to back his claims!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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HUNDEN has revealed alleged evidence to back his claim that some of his former Heroic teammates were involved and aware of him using the infamous coaching bug.
The first evidence that has been publicly revealed is a conversation between him and niko, followed by a server log information involving TeSeS by Danish media house
Heroic's CEO has dismissed these allegations while confirming that they are ready to support ESIC with any material if need be.

Controversial CS:GO coach, Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen who had earlier claimed that some of his former teammates from Heroic were involved and aware of him using the infamous coaching bug, has now come forward with alleged evidence to back these claims. According to the recent statements made public by, a few potential clues that may support HUNDEN's claim include, a conversation between him and Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen and information obtained from a server log involving René "⁠TeSeS⁠" Madsen.

This comes after HUNDEN was handed a two-year ban by Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), from 25th Aug 2021 to 24th Aug 2023, following the conclusion of an investigation involving Heroic.

HUNDEN releases evidence to back his claims against former Heroic players

HUNDEN who has already faced an eight-month ban as a result of the historic coaching bug abuse investigation and had claimed full responsibility for his actions at the time is now claiming that, some of his former Heroic teammates were involved and aware of his actions.

Some alleged evidence has been provided by HUNDEN to back these claims, which includes logs of a conversation with HUNDEN and niko, where the latter had seemingly agreed that everyone on the lineup was aware of the coaching bug. While the whole conversation has not been made public knowledge, an excerpt reads as follows,

Niko: Everyone on our team knew that.

HUNDEN: Yes, yes.

Niko: Maybe not the first time. But after, everyone knew that.

Another alleged evidence that has surfaced is from a server log involving TeSeS and HUNDEN. It suggests that it was the 20-year-old rifler who helped HUNDEN get into a favorable position on Dust 2 against Team Spirit during Home Sweet Home 5. It was from here that HUNDEN viewed the map for the first twelve rounds of the map.

According to HUNDEN, attaining such a view from that position would have required the help of another player and TeSeS was the only one on the server when the coaching bug was triggered, as per the logs.

All this material and more, have been submitted by HUNDEN to ESIC as potential evidence for his claims. He expects the esports watchdog to look into the matter and come to a decision on whether to proceed with their own investigation into the matter or not.

In a statement to, Heroic's CEO, Joachim Haraldsen, while responding to these potential evidences said that,

I have honestly had enough of HUNDEN's attacks on all the boys he has coached. I think he should start growing up and take responsibility for what he did. We will certainly help ESIC with all the material they may need from us, but we no longer want to enter into a public discussion about accusations that 'someone' knew 'something' when it is based solely on isolated fragments of information without any context. This is not the way to prove or disprove anything.
Joachim Haraldsen - CEO of Heroic - Statement to

Pimp's Judgement on the matter

It remains to be seen how this case develops which is really sensitive for all the parties involved. So far no official statement on the matter has been released by ESIC and it remains to be seen if this is something that they would actually be investigating or not.

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