ESIC Issues Two-Year Ban To HUNDEN After Investigation, Might Quit CS:GO


ESIC Issues Two-Year Ban to HUNDEN After Investigation, He Might Quit CS:GO

ESIC has come forward with its verdict.

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ESIC has issued a two-year ban to HUNDEN from 25th Aug 2021 to 24th Aug 2023 as the investigation comes to an end after two months.
ESIC highlighted how they went about investigating this case, the observations they made based on the evidence, and the final outcome.
ESIC further responded to the multiple allegations that were made by HUNDEN, calling them out to be false while also providing an explanation.

Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has given its verdict on the HUNDEN-Heroic investigation, issuing a two-year ban to Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen for breach of ESIC Code of Conduct. HUNDEN will be serving the ban from 25th August 2021 to 24th August 2023, during which he will be restricted from participating in any of ESIC's member events.

The investigation had started on 6th July when Heroic had alleged that their former coach had shared confidential information like team strategies via a computer with an opposing team. Now, almost two months later the investigation has concluded with ESIC having released the outcome in public domain.

ESIC announces verdict on the HUNDEN-Heroic investigation

ESIC sanctioned the coach for the breach of Article 2.4.5 of their Code of Conduct after compiling evidence from various sources including,

  • Examination of the google drive access records relevant to the Incident.

  • Interviews with Heroic management.

  • Discussions with opposing team management.

  • Discussions and examination of evidence with the recipient of the information sent by HUNDEN via ESL officials, under ESIC oversight.

  • Examination of the google drive contents.

  • Examination of a forensic IT report produced by forensic expert firm Frend.

Following this thorough inquiry, ESIC observed multiple things, the most important and relevant ones being,

  1. HUNDEN was in the process of negotiating a career move from Heroic to the opposing team.

  2. HUNDEN did, in fact (and by his own admission), send information to the opposing team that, at the very least, included information such as anti-strategy materials relating to Heroic’s opponents as well as other sensitive and potentially useful (to an opponent) information.

ESIC further pointed out that HUNDEN on 28th July had himself said that "The material I have shared is anti-strat material of opponents…” via an official statement posted on Twitter.

The 'opposing team' mentioned above could be Astralis as reported by HLTV, as there have been rumours and speculations about HUNDEN being the ideal CS:GO coach to replace Danny "⁠zonic⁠" Sørensen as the head coach of the Danish lineup.

Adding to all this, ESIC also responded to some allegations made by HUNDEN who criticized the way the inquiry related to the investigation was being conducted, while also stating that ESIC threatened to give him a five-year ban in case he appealed to the verdict.

ESIC stated that both these statements were 'False', further explaining that,

  • HUNDEN was given an invitation to respond multiple times, but failed to receive "any reply of substance relevant to the charge made against him".

  • HUNDEN was also offered a 'Plea Bargain' in good faith to contest by way of an appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel, which is accounted for as a written record. However, this was misrepresented by the Danish coach.

However, another interview with has brought to light some new development in the ongoing CS:GO coaching bug scandal investigation, as HUNDEN claims that some of his former teammates were involved and aware of him using the infamous bug.

His claim has been backed up by popular CS:GO analyst and talent Jacob "⁠Pimp⁠" Winneche, who had the chance to review the documents which were obtained by the Danish publication.

Pimp's Judgement on the matter

It seems HUNDEN might be departing competitive Counter-Strike following the decision taken by ESIC to impose a two-year ban against him, as the CS:GO coach in a statement to has said that "right now, there is nothing called Counter-Strike for me after this".

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