Heroic Share Details About The CSGO Documents Allegedly Shared By HUNDEN


Heroic Share Details About the CS:GO Documents Allegedly Shared by HUNDEN

Heroic has come forward to provide more clarity about the shared documents.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Heroic has come forward to share the details of documents they believe were shared by their former CS:GO coach HUNDEN.
Heroic has specified the nature of the alleged documents by stating that they cover far more information than where opponents like to stand and what setups they use.
Heroic has also mentioned that they are in full support of ESIC's decision and do consider HUNDEN's action as a breach of integrity.

Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) had issued a two-year ban to Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen yesterday on 27th August for breach of ESIC Code of Conduct. Following this decision, the Danish organization, Heroic had come forward to provide clarity about the nature of the documents they believed were shared by HUNDEN. Heroic, via an official statement, claimed that the documents shared were not developed by HUNDEN alone, it was a joint effort involving the players as well. Some of the documents were even created by the players alone. A statement further alleged that,

The documents cover far more than where opponents like to stand and what setups they use. These files are built upon knowledge for all the Heroic players, which is written out in detail across several files.
Heroic Statement

Heroic provides an explanation of documents allegedly shared by HUNDEN

Heroic have claimed that the documents allegedly shared by their former CS:GO coach, HUNDEN did not give away simple positional or strategic information, but contained far more important and complex information like,

  • What Heroic looks to do in a certain situation.

  • How Heroic thinks.

  • How Heroic tends to outplay their opponents across different map settings and sides within the server.

  • Heroic's philosophies in certain scenarios - mid round calls, as per the situation, how to manipulate/abuse rotations.

  • How Heroic want to play versus specific smokes.

  • What Heroic looks for when preparing.

Further, Heroic claims that their performance at IEM Cologne 2021 was hindered due to HUNDEN restricting players' access to their Google Drive, cutting them off from their resources.

A deliberate action which limited their ability to prepare and hence our chance to perform our best during this year's IEM Cologne.
Heroic Statement

In conclusion, Heroic extended their support to ESIC's decision against HUNDEN while specifying that the contract signed by him mentioned that, "all IP produced within the contract period is owned by Heroic."

While the Heroic-HUNDEN controversy has come to an end from ESIC's perspective, the legal action taken by the organization against HUNDEN is still pending.

On the other hand, HUNDEN came forward to claim that some of his former teammates from Heroic were involved and aware of him using the infamous CS:GO coaching bug.

Pimp's Judgement on the matter

This claim has been backed by popular CS:GO analyst and talent, Jacob "⁠Pimp⁠" Winneche, who had the chance to review the documents which were obtained by the Danish publication.

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