Hacker Who Stole CS:GO Skins Worth $6 Mil Found By CS.Money


Hacker Who Stole CS:GO Skins Worth $6 Million Found by CS.Money

The skin trading website has finally identified the hacker who stole from them.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS.Money has finally found the hacker who stole CS:GO skins worth $6 million from the trading website more than a week ago.
CS.Money has reportedly been able to retrieve half of the stolen items as it continues its efforts to get back the remaining skins as well.
The official website of CS.Money is still down with more details to be revealed next week.

One of the most popular CS:GO skin trading websites in the world, CS.Money was attacked by a hacker about eleven days ago on the night of 12th-13th August.

It was a huge heist, supposedly the largest website hack related to CS:GO skins till date, where the attacker managed to steal cosmetic items worth $6,000,000 USD (INR 47,90,50,500). The scale of this hack was so huge that the website had to be taken down immediately and still continues to be unavailable for the users.

However in the latest update related to the incident, it has been revealed that CS.Money has been able to regain control over its compromised trade bots while also having learned how the hacker was able to gain access to them in the first place.

The biggest achievement was successfully finding and identifying the hacker who carried out this attack as the hacker had bypassed all security measures and used an exploit to his advantage.

The website of CS.Money is still down

CS.Money finds hacker who carried out the attack, retrieves half of its $6 million worth of stolen CS:GO skins

The hacker who attacked CS.Money more than a week ago has finally been found and the website has been reportedly able to retrieve half of its stolen skins.

But things were not so good for the website last week as it struggled to retrieve their compromised trade bots which the hacker had taken complete control over through some security exploit.

The people trying to get back control of the situation did know that the hacker had gained access to the Mobile Authenticator (MA) files but were unable to spot and rectify the security exploit immediately thereafter.

Finally, some good news has surfaced as information about the exploit is now known and complete control has been regained by CS.Money. As a bonus the identity of the hacker has also been found out.

As for all the users who lost valuable skin(s) in this incident, CS.Money is trying its best to retrieve all the items and in case they are not able to do so for some skins, the owner will be compensated by them for the loss.

"We will give more details on that once we have finalized all the processes related to returning the skins, which is our top priority as of now," stated Timofey Sobolevsky, chief communications officer at EX CORP, the parent company of CS.Money.

Update on the situation by CS.Money

The main website is still down at the time of writing this article and according to a statement released by the website, more details will be revealed by them next week.

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