Flamie Shares His Experience Of Playing With NAVI Junior


Flamie Reveals How He Joined NAVI Junior and His Experience With the Team

Former NAVI member talks about his time with the Academy roster.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Former NAVI rifler, flamie, shares his experience playing with NAVI Junior at the WePlay Academy League Season 2.
Flamie talks about the atmosphere at the team's bootcamp, their practice sessions, and how he ended up joining an academy CS:GO team.
With this, his tenure with the NAVI organization comes to an end after having played under their banner for more than six years.

One of Natus Vincere's (NAVI) former mainstay players who grew along with the organization, Egor "flamie" Vasilyev, played his last game yesterday, on 14th November, under the banner of NAVI Junior. With the tournament coming to an end, flamie's stay with the organization also concludes after more than six years.

The 24-year-old openly spoke about his experience with the NAVI academy roster, how he ended up joining the team in the first place, a bit about their training schedule, and a few other things that he went through being a part of such a young lineup, in a recent vlog by NAVI.

Flamie shares his experience of playing with the NAVI CS:GO academy roster

The Russian rifler might not have been the best player at the WePlay Academy League Season 2, but his presence was felt and he helped the team secure a runners-up finish at the event. Flamie held an overall HLTV rating of 1.02, securing a total of 360 frags across 14 maps with a K/D of +6.

Talking about how he felt playing with the team, sharing a bootcamp with them and what the training felt like, flamie said that as this was an academy team and the players are young the atmosphere was "really cool, casual, and friendly."

Flamie bidding farewelll to NAVI

As for the training, flamie said that it was rather hardcore when compared to that of the main roster because NAVI Junior held six practice games (praccs) on the daily followed by an hour long discussion, adding that he never really played so many praccs on the main roster.

I have been bootcamping with the NAVI Junior team and the guys are fun. They're really young so the atmosphere is a bit different than the one that I am used to, but that's probably because of their age. The guys on my previous team were my age but these are younger, kind of reminds me of my teenage years.
Egor "flamie" Vasilyev - NAVI Junior's Vlog

When it comes to how flamie even ended up being a part of an academy roster, guiding the future generation by competing alongside them, flamie revealed that he keeps in touch with NAVI Junior's coach Amyran "ami" Rekhvyashvyly and it was through him that he got an offer to join the academy team for one tournament.

I don't recall how exactly it happened, but I remember Amyran had messaged me asking whether i wanted to play for them (NAVI Junior) while I was without a team to gain my form back, and I agree.
Egor "flamie" Vasilyev - NAVI Junior's Vlog

Flamie might not have put forth the most stellar individual performance, but he surely seems to have contributed positively to the academy roster, as NAVI Junior improved from a 5th position finish at WePlay Academy League Season 1 to a runners-up placement in Season 2.

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